Saturday, January 02, 2016

5 things I don't like about Prison School

1. The wacky premise doesn't deliver anything interesting, except maybe the ending.

2. The series just feels like an excuse to fit as many S&M situations into the story rather than having an interesting story to tell.

3. I didn't find it funny at all. I think you need to be M to enjoy the humour.

4. None of the characters were interesting so I didn't care what happened to them, except for Mari, the president of the underground student council.

5. The only thing I wanted to see was Mari get her comeuppance but even that was denied. If there's one person who deserves to get tied up and have things done to her, its Mari Kaichou. You could say hers is the best performance in this show but the lack of a payoff after building up so much hate for her is stupid.


Technically Prison School has a lot of elements that I enjoy but everything feels so flat to me. Compared with Minna! Esper Dayo! which was wildly inconsistent, Prison School just feels so dry. I am sure there are people who will enjoy the dorama but for me it was a waste of time.

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