Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Godan Episodes 3-6

Godan is show that asks a lot of interesting questions: How much should one place the importance of one's company over every other thing? Is there a limit to the excuse of protecting the livelihood and families of the employees? Would you risk them just to do the right thing? Is vengeance worth it at the cost of possibly saving lives? Are sons suppose to bear the sins of their fathers?

How beautiful is Renbutsu Misako? Are the WOWOW writers on performance enhancing drugs because they are able to write shows that are far and above all the crap that exists in jdoramaland?

The most surprising thing for me is finally realising that Mr Love & Farm is not the main character but rather Kobayashi Kaoru aka Master from Shinya Shokudo is. Its not often that you have an interesting 'villain' who honestly believes he is doing the right thing and Kobayashi Kaoru has so much conviction in his acting that I do have empathy for his character and understand where he is coming from.

I kept expecting Godan to fall apart like so many shows and everytime they introduced some new element to the story I was expecting Godan to screw it up but its surpassed my expectations every episode until the strong ending.

I've said before that i don't want to see another WOWOW cover-up dorama but for Godan, they've created a cover-up dorama that is about a lot of other things. Must watch.


dgundam said...

hey mike, i think youll like otousan to yabasete since it has renbutsu, watabe, and endo.
just watched the first episode and i kinda liked it...well probly cuz of my renbutsu bias lol. but so far it was funny and enjoyable.

aside from this the only other show im following is the fukada kyoko one since im a sucker for her.

by the way where did u get godan? if from asiatorrents then damn :(

Jung said...

Renbutsu.... omg. Been out of dorama game but I have to watch this. Thanks Mike

Akiramike said...