Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sono Sion's Love & Peace

I can't believe Sono Sion made a movie without an upskirt shot. I'm pretty sure he spliced in a frame or two into the movie ala Tyler Durden but this is the first time I've seen him do a family friendly movie.

In Love & Peace, Hasegawa Hiroki plays an socially awkward salaryman who becomes this rock star called Wild Ryo thanks to his pet turtle.

Running alongside the Wild Ryo part is a story about an old man living in the sewers with abandoned toys and animals.

The two stories don't mesh for me because Wild Ryo is about someone who makes it but is afraid and ashamed of who he was and the old man in sewer story is about toys and animals wanting to be wanted.

The toy story is necessary for somethings to happen in the Wild Ryo story but Sono Sion should have cut it down for more Aso Kumiko who is criminally underused in this movie.

Despite my complaints, Love & Peace is a fun, entertaining movie with two very memorable songs. I just wish it didn't feel like two different movies in one for me. Watchable but only for Sono Sion fans.

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