Sunday, January 17, 2016

Godan Eps 1&2

I didn't have high hopes for Godan cause I was thinking it was yet another WOWOW cover-up show. My main reason for watching is Renbutsu Misako, who plays the fiancee of Tamayama Tetsuji, who I most remember from that so bad that its watchable Ushi no Negai wo Love & Farm.

Love & Farm promised Misako that he would quit smoking after the wedding but Misako makes him quit before with the stupid excuse of he might as well quit now. Love & Farm wisely does not point out that argument is illogical.

On to main story. Love & Farm works for the PR department at a pharmaceutical company and Master from Shinya Shokudo is the vice president. Three suicides have recent happened to people who were taking this medicine and Master wants Love & Farm's help in this matter and promises to promote Love & Farm to division chief.

Love & Farm does not realise that he is in a jdorama and that if something sounds too good, its not going to happen or there is going to be a cost. (Wait, I think this applies in real life as well) In addition, Nagarakawa is also in the red and is trying to merge with another company.

Hhhmmm. Misako in OL uniform.... I mean Misako also works at Nagarakawa.

Master plans to become president of the company after the merger and these two French speaking people are from the other company. However, they are more interested in absorbing Nagarakawa and leaving everyone else to dry. And they also bring up something about an incident 40 years ago.

Out of the 3 suicides, only one of the victim's relatives suspects that it is due to the medicine. Love & Farm visits the widow and gives her an omiage only to be shocked in finding that there is money in the box. He's been working 10 years and yet easily believes his boss's promise and never thought that there would be money. However, Love & Farm does recover and presses the widow to accept the money. At least he has a brain though he was staring at the money for too long.

Love & Farm seeks counsel from the Nagarakawa lawyer who tells him that all talks will be confidential but ignores the fact that the lawyer is from the President's faction.


Episode 2 sees Love & Farm investigating the 40 year old incident which the vice president was also involved in which leads to a shocking discovery which might be a bit hard to buy for me but I'll go along with it.

Godan is about making difficult choices. Love & Farm obeying his boss's instructions in helping to hush an incident. The widow accepting the money because she has three children to care for. The people of Hatai who payed a very heavy price so that Nagahara could keep the town alive. Since Nagahara is now in the red, what could would the truth coming out do for anyone including the victims.

Oh yeah, there's the story of Master's ungrateful daughter who wants to marry a poor actor and complains about her dad working all the time. I would like to see a jdorama where the kids get kicked out and find out that the real world is not so easy.

Godan takes your usual WOWOW cover up story and asks a lot of interesting questions from various perspectives, or so I think. Whether or not those questions will be examined will be seen in the next three episodes but I'm glad its been better than I had hoped. Very watchable so far.

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