Sunday, January 03, 2016

Shin Kanpai Senshi After V

Kanpai Senshi After V, the super sentai parody show was one of my favourite shows from last year. The second season however, is such a wasted opportunity. The first half of the season is incredibly boring, rehashing a lot of storylines from the first season.

Individually, there were no new and interesting stories for the 5 members except for Blue. Actually the most interesting characters for Shin Kanpai Senshi were Blue and Sousui (the evil boss/commander) which really saved the second half. Blue for disguising himself as a henchmen and trying to help Sousui and Sousui's various stories such as him forgetting how to be evil or his relationship with his daughter.

If the writer had no idea how to keep the members of After V interesting, the way to go would be to show them as the opposite of who they were suppose to be. Sousui is the bad guy who is actually good and After V should be good guys who are bad because of their incompetence/laziness/priorities.

Sousui's daughter is such a wasted opportunity. They could have done a lot of funny stuff first with her fighting with her dad, then working at the izakaya while her dad tries to hide his identity and most importantly a love story with Red! It would have been a lot funnier than Sousui disguising himself as New Yellow and they could have milked so many father daughter scenes with Sousui trying to be the bad guy and also a good dad. I know the show is called Kanpai Senshi and not Evil Boss working at an izakaya but Sosui is the character with the most room to explore.

The second half as Shin Kanpai Senshi was good. Plasma-1 was interesting as the robocop who was more interested in defeating evil than being a hero and of course Blue and Sousui's story. I highly recommend the first season, Kanpai Senshi and if you loved that one then you can watch Shin Kanpai Senshi but keep your expectations down. Disappointing but the second half managed to salvage it into an ok show. Only for big fans of the first season. Kii!

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