Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tokyo Toy Box eps 3-12

Besides the overacting and the bad guy from Solidus who does not do any game related work besides scheming against G3, Tokyo Toy Box was fun to watch. Afterall, its a simple story of a group of underdogs trying to create something and going up against this big gaming corporation.

The bug that became such a big plot device is a bit of a head scratcher cause they could have easily disabled the right trigger during the credits or even patched the thing post release. If it were a gameplay breaking bug then it would make more sense but I guess they wanted to keep it simple for the audience.

Took me a while to realise that this is Konno Anna who is in Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin which is coming in a month. :)

Tokyo Toy Box is not as polished as No Con Kid though but they managed to keep the story about this pretty watchable. I liked that they used real games including dressing up Way of the Samurai as Samurai Kitchen. There's also some product advertising including Akiba's Trip 2, a game I can't believe didn't improve on the previous horrible battle system.

Tokyo Toy Box is a nice window into the world of making games on time and budget, doing testing and fixing bugs. If only they had cast someone decent as the OL. Or if the director had actually realised that Tokyo Toy Box isn't a laugh out loud comedy. Looks like second season is going to have a new member to the team. Watchable underdog story but only people who like gaming should give this a try.

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