Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tokyo Toy Box eps 1+2


- Story about struggling mobile game maker. Not something you see everyday and we've got stories about making deadlines, sales expectations and coming up with a design document.

- Legend of Galactic Heroes (one of my favourite anime series ever) references in episode 2. I was squealing like a schoolgirl with ever LoGH reference. If only such a bar existed. It truly made my day.


- Misako Uno comes from the school of Nagase Tomoya school of needless excessive overacting.


- Misako Uno facial expressions. Seriously, did the director think this was supposed to be funny?


- Two gaming related doramas in one season? Too early to tell but I can't stand Mukodono 2 level extreme overacting. No one's retimed the Japanese subs and the Japanese subs from last season at jsubbers has disappeared. Kinda watchable first two eps.

Has it been that long since Shimokita Glory Days?

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Jung said...

I would add a few more "Goods" to the list...

- All the computers have actual game development tools, which adds to realism. They probably got a lot of help from Gungho in that respect.

- Kitagawa Hiromi is glorious even with her jimi styling.

It's a surprisingly watchable low budget show, but I agree with you Uno's acting is a bit too much.