Friday, January 31, 2014

Isharyou Bengoshi eps 1-3

Isharyou Bengoshi is about this lawyer played by Tanaka Naoki (the affair dude from Limit) who specialises in getting compensation in divorce cases. Also starring Akiko Yada as his first case who becomes his assistant.

Coming from a country where divorces are no-fault, watching a show where people have to find excuses to divorce and spend so much effort proving a partner's infidelity is both stupid and amusing at the same time. On one hand it is a very educational show on Japanese divorce law and specifically compensating the other party and it is quite entertaining but I can't help and shake my head at how outdated the laws are. Still, who cares what the laws are as long as they make for great entertainment and tv legal shows are never accurate anyway.

Episode 2 is a particularly funny episode with the wife seeking compensation from the mistress. Lol. Only in Japan. Makes me kind of wish Australia still had their outdated divorce laws and I would say its a must watch episode.

The one bad thing about this show is that the investigator, landlady and and temp worker should have been combined into one character. Absolutely no reason to pay 3 actresses when one would suffice, especially with its limited budget as a midnight dorama.

Isharyou Bengoshi is not as funny nor is it as smart as Dandarin but its still fun and I think its very watchable. If the stuff in Isharyou Bengoshi are true, then having affairs in Japan is one hell of an scarily expensive exercise.


Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I think in Korea if your husband is cheating on you and you have proof, you can legally sue the mistress/girlfriend!

Antspace said...

The first ep of this was fun. Another nice surprise is Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu. Didn't care for the first ep to much, but the second case was great! Dan Rei is very funny, columbo style. But then means business! : )