Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dai Tokyo Toy Box eps 1-4

Imagine a dorama where this 16 year old girl who is always on ADD meds and has no experience whatsoever goes to a law firm and says they should hire her because she's watched all episodes of Law & Order and The Practice and she absolutely loves the law. Yup, this is new main character of Dai Tokyo Toy Box. Yup, Kaname Jun hires her because she's enthusiastic although they need to replace the graphic artist who just left. Someone shoot me now.

I have absolutely no reason to want to watch this hyperactive greenhorn who is completely useless stumble her way. There's some interesting stuff about making games and the industry in episode 3 and especially episode 4 but its buried under so much screen time for the newbie Momo.

I just don't get it. The first series was watchable and Momo's overacting makes Uno Misako's overacting in season 1 bearable. I'm thinking the hyper overacting bit is more the director's fault rather than the actors. I'm so disappointed since the first season was watchable. Stay away.

If you still want to watch Dai Tokyo Toy Box, you can grab it here. Thanks to bakastar74 for telling me where to get it and I will be uploading the Japanese subs to d-addicts after this post.

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