Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tokyo Bandwagon eps 1+2

Tokyo Bandwagon is a large family cum mystery dorama. You've got 4 generations of the Hotta family running a used bookstore and cafe  while solving some neighbourhood problem every episode.


Mimura and Tabe Mikako!

Tokyo Bandwagon takes its time with the Tabe Mikako story instead of blowing its wad in the first episode. *cough* Iryu 4 *cough*

Got me thinking about the old Tamaki Koji dorama, Ai no Uta which I started rewatching and enjoying more.


First episode was way too long.

Feels very pedestrian compared to huge family doramas like Aikurushii or the classic Hitotsu Yane no Shita. I think Tokyo Bandwagon tries to do too much with too many characters plus a mystery every episode and it lacks that strong central character for the show to revolve around.

How can Mimura possibly have a daughter that old?


Kame wearing more make-up than Tabe Mikako and Mimura.


I'm had much more fun rewatching the first three episodes of Ai no Uta than Tokyo Bandwagon. A lot of effort went into this but its just so boring. Nothing to see here. Might get better with the Tabe Mikako mystery but its given me no incentive in two episodes to stick around and find out.

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