Thursday, January 02, 2014

Love Riron / Love Theory

Love Riron as the name suggests is a dorama about love theory.

Nakamura Shido is the manager of a combini claims his love theory enables any dude to have sex to race queens, models, female announcers and gravure idols.

Normally mild mannered, the manager transforms into an overacting love theory spouting maniac at the sight of his three subordinates' problems with women.

The three are an otaku, a kansai ben guy and an ikemen.

Unfortunately, its not available as a torrent as far as I know.

You can get it from dailymotion in two parts here.

I'd recommend downloading it with keepvid because the constant ad breaks on dailymotion were irritating.

Anyone know where I can find the raw manga? I know there's a translated one but I'm rebuilding my manga collection in Japanese after my HD died last year.

Why the shake thing to exchange contact details on line was created.

The show is wholly subtitled for some reason, not that I'm complaining so its pretty easy to understand.

The manga is very different though I'd assume the lessons are still the same.

 Yes, that is Rio.

Did I mention this dorama has great camera angles?

I'd much rather watch trashy jdoramas than Oscar Promotion dorama. Oscar promotion have got some of the worst and overpushed actresses to ever scar the jdorama screen and yet Fukuda Saki who is also with Oscar Promotion doesn't really get a chance to prove herself. Obviously pushes in that agency are not decided by talent and ability but by willingness to do special favours.

Jadefrost has started writing weekly drama digest news featuring news that the dorama public may not want but certainly need. Not a must watch but a great way to pass 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Thanks to bframe for sending me the links.


Antspace said...

Must agree on the Oscar Promotions thing. I'm watching Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo at the moment and it's not bad or something, just very cliche. It's a vehicle for Matsuda Shota and Takei Emi. Matsuda Shota is actually very funny in this, but Takei Emi is really bland. Having just rewatched Life, I must agree on Fukuda Saki. She's very talented, but not given the right parts. In IS she was really very good as a tomboy. After that I've not seen her in anything decent : (
Runaway was horrible, so was Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai. W no Higeki was a total disaster : P
I really hope she'll go to another agency!

Akiramike said...

Life was so many year ago but Fukuda Saki showed so much promise. sigh. She needs to get into movies with non-mainstream directors like Mitsushima Hikari did.

Anonymous said...

It is now available as a torrent. Look for LOVE Riron SP.