Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Wife is a Gangster 3

The hallmark of a martial artist - having an invisible hair blowing machine.

The first movie was a classic, the second an incoherent mess and the third one, well it has Hsu Chi which should be reason enough to watch as long as its not as bad as your typical HK movie. The first movie worked because of humour. A typical everyman gets married to a female gangster and hilarity ensues. The writers clearly had no idea what to sequel and it was made just to cash in on the success of the 1st.

In the third movie, Hsu Chi plays Ah Ryoung, the daughter of a HK triad boss who runs to Korea after being framed for murder. Her father is friends with a Korean mafia boss who arranges a bumbling underling, Ki Chul to be her host. Hsu Chi spends the whole film speaking mandarin which is great for me but couldn't they have made her the daughter of a Taiwanese triad boss instead?

Anyway, this makes for great comedy in the form of a mandarin translator who is hired to help facilitate communication between Hsu Chi and Ki Chul. The translator at first starts off as a timid country girl who intentionally mistranslates in order to prevent any flare ups between the two. Its funny how as she gets bolder, she starts mistranslating to her own advantage.

Words cannot describe how hilarious the above scene is.

2nd best thing about the movie is the car-dry humping scene. I'm pretty sure the main actor had a hell of a time shooting. Car sex in movies will never be the same again. The biggest flaw of the movie is no closure for Ki Chul's two henchmen and the translator. After Hsu Chi leaves Korea, they are quickly forgotten. Those three practically saved the movie with the comedy for 1 1/2 hours and it makes the movie incomplete. They could have trimed the fight scenes a lot.

And chemistry is really lacking between Hsu Chi and Ki Chul. Plus the fact that they can't even converse makes their mutual attraction puzzling. I mean language is no barrier, for example my love for Matsuura Aya but FFS, they should have made her speak some basic Korean or something.

I love how her old fashion underwear always gets exposed, lol.

Speaking of fight scenes, theres a lot of cool imagery but everything just feels flat and not put together well. Someone needs to learn that less is better. Too much unconvincing wire-fu is not entertaining. Overall, the movie had me laughing and Hsu Chi is hot enough to distract me during the boring bits. Decent comedy.

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