Friday, March 30, 2007

Death Note: The Last Name

I know wut Ryuk's thinking: wouldn't it be great if the camera angle were lower? My bet's on black. :)

Finally the Second movie is out. I enjoyed the first movie. It had a great concept but flawed execution (like 99% of Japanese movies) but it was fun to watch. Got into the manga but found that it quickly ran out of steam.

So how does the 2nd film fare? For starters, I've gotta address the big issue of the new ending. I think everyone knew that the 2nd half of the manga basically sucked and the mangaka was stretching the concept too thin and the writers of the movie tried to do an ending that was 'fitting' for both our main characters.

Mmmm, Light's imouto played by Hikari Mitsushima who I believe is from Folder 5, one of my fav groups back in uni. It should be a crime to have an imouto this kawaii. :)

And I think they did a pretty decent job though I would have liked to see that in a third movie instead of finishing the series at 2 movies. Still, they'll have to create a lot of original stuff to fill out a third movie and create a good ending for the 2nd. If they ended the 2nd movie with Light regaining his memory and telling Misa to dig out the Death Note they'll have to stretch Light's efforts to have Misa get L's real name and come up with a 'villain' to fill the time.

No, this is not a screencap from an S&M Jav (I wish).

The best thing about the movie was of course Toda Erika as Amane Misa. By all the stars in heaven, she is moest thing I've seen in a long time. You can see my obsession with all the screen captures. She really made the movie worth watching. Its unfortunate that goth-loli girls are usally not kawaii.

Toda Erika is officially my favourite actress not named Matsushima Nanako or Hirosue Ryoko.

The 2nd best thing in the movie is of course, Katase Nana's legs. All those shots of her in the short and tight skirts make me wish they'd cast her in a JAV production of 9 O'clock woman. Seriously, she's the best change that they've done to the main story.

Legs!!!!!!! Seriously, whoever is in charge of Kitade Nana's wardrobe deserves an academy award.

You'd have forgive me for not speaking more about the movie. I was too preoccupied with the scenery to care. Plus the fact that I didn't find the manga that good. Now, if only they'd make a movie version of Hikaru no Go.

Hot women getting tied up seems to be a recurring theme in this show. If you find your eyes averting to the bottom portion of the above pic, you need to watch this show.


Jung said...

haha you crack me up my friend.

But get your hands off Toda Erika >:O

anyway, I'll get a hold of othis movie. Your screenca... i mean, summary has me intrigued.

You know, I liked Ichizoku's ending. In the end, Teppei didn't turn out to be perfect. Like you mentioned, he pulled an Oh-Daddy-didn't-love-me card. And when he heard Daisuke wished he was never born, that pushed him over the edge. I think it's a sad ending. I certainly wasn't expecting it.

I don't think Daisuke is a true hero of the show. He is however a victim of Keisuke's overactive weewee and its urge to impregnate indiscriminately.

Good series overall.

Akiramike said...

If only I had my hands on Toda Erika in the first place.

Teppei is not perfect. And I find it pointless that the show treated him like some great hero/leader. He was an idealist who took the easy way out.

And yes, the whole mess is Keisuke's fault. Daisuke should have broken all ties with his father but I guess he was a realist and decided that the fortune was not worth his father's misdeed.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the end of the second Death Note movie. It was elegant and quite moving at the same time. (Elegant in that they solved how to end the story tying everything together yet had quite an impact on the viewer--or me at least.) Unlike the manga which ran out of steam as you said.

Btw, will you ever post a top-25 jdrama list sometime? You turned me onto Kekkon Dekinai Otoko and Queen's Classroom, and I always read your blog to get new ideas for shows to watch.

Jung said...

Hey I finally got to watch Death Note 1 and 2 and they were really entertaining. I think I enjoyed the first one more even though Toda Eria wasn't in it, because the 2nd one had tactical elements that I found to be too unbelievable even with the movie's premise.