Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Karei-naru Ichizoku ep 1+2

Can't believe I nearly missed out on this show. Noticed the1st ep sitting in my dorama folder without subs and wondering why I downloaded in the first place. Then I remembered it was a KimuTaku show. Figuring it was weird that a KimuTaku show's not subbed, I looked around and found out that its being subbed by S-Project, the same ppl who did Nadame.

I can't believe this guy gets to be the last act on Kouhaku every year, and they can't even sing that well!

And I must say, Karei-naru Ichizoku has become my best dorama of the season (which still isn't saying much). 1st thing I gotta say is, holy fuck, there are a shit lot of good actors on this show. No wonder there were no big names for this season. And some of them are just playing bit parts in this show.

Anyway, KimuTaku plays Manpyo Teppei, the son of a super rich family who's doing steel and destined to be some bigshot blah blah blah. The interesting part is that Teppei's dad run a bank and the finance ministry is trying to force the banks to merge. I love anything with politics and money and power.

The mistress and the wife...

The other interesting aspect of the show is that Teppei's dad has a mistress played by the MILF Suzuki Kyoko who literally runs the house. I just love her performance as the very sexy and scheming mistress. And the scene where they try to get Teppei's mom into a threesome....

MILF alert!

Yes, your eyes did not deceive you. Ok, you don't get to see anything but the interesting thing is about how the mistress wields her power. Teppei himself is not an interesting character. KimiTaku IMO, is less suited for intellectual type of people. Hiroyuki Sanada would be perfect for Teppei. Or even Yamamoto Koji, who plays Teppei's bro Ginpei. His role as Hijikata in Shinsengumi is one of the best acting jobs I've ever seen.

Chick wise, this show is loaded. Besides Suzuki Kyoka, you've got Hasegawa Kyoko, Inamori Izumi (doc from Iryu) and Aibu Saiki (Attention Please). Of course it suffers from your typical 'historical show' type problems, namely generic, boring dialogue, lots of characters who hardly do anything. But it makes up for it with the dysfunctional family thing. Still 2 eps is too early to judge. But I'd watch it all the way for Suzuki Kyoka. :)


ken said...

wow mike, u still blogging ah? how's life in melbourne?

Jung said...

Since I'm not really into historical dramas, I nearly gave up on this show after watching the first half of ep 1. But I stuck it with and started picking up bits and pieces of all the messed up information Manpyo family.

Haha you can't go wrong with Hasegawa Kyoko and it's nice to see Inamori Izumi again. One beef I have with this drama is it relies heavily on the mystery of relationship between characters, and engage the audience by unveiling the mystery small piece at a time.

And Ginpei's grandfather looks like a cross between Eddie Murphy and Kimutaku. They should've done a better job painting that portrait on the wall. Every time it appears, I crack up and think, "Eddie Murphy!"

Akiramike said...

Yeah, gotta agree with the crappy potrait.

I enjoy the mystery and the slow revelations. That's what makes it worth watching. The pay offs.

Anonymous said...

Hey, by any chance have you seen "long love letter"?? I think it's such an awesome drama. The title is very misleading, as well as most of the description. It's a sci-fi drama...awesome drama. First episode was really bla...but you have to see what happens at the end...totally unexpected.


joeboygo said...

Did I not mention this show to you a few weeks back? Check your archives. Woe to those that fail to heed wise counsel.