Thursday, March 01, 2007

more Ryuga Gotoku movie stuff

Nishiki, Yumi and Kazuma, before everything went to jigoku..

According to Siliconera, Sega already released a movie on RyugGa Gotoku, set before the game. Apparently, a subtitled version was uploaded to the Sega of Europe site but it doesn't seem to be there. As seen from the pic above, its too bad Kazuma is miscast. He may look like he can fight but unfortunately the actor looks nothing like him. I'd love to see some backstory between the 3. Can you smell a prequel game?

A new 6 minute trailer of the Takashi Miike's Ryuga Gotoku (coming out in March) is out and it looks very promising. Kitamura Kazuki seems to pull of the quiet badass nature of Kazuma pretty well. Of note is the fight scene between Kazuma and Majima. Majima basically does all his wild stabs with his knife while Kazuma deftly dodges and hits body blows. The trailer starts off just showing Kazuma walking around Tokyo it gave me goosebumps. Can this be the first video game movie to actually be good?

Yeah, for some reason I love the blue fist effect. Yeah its cheesy but if its in the game, it needs to be in the movie. I just hope they cram as many moves from the game into the movie.

What has me concerned is the Saeko side story. It seems to be a new side story and frankly I couldn't give a damn. If this were a 12 ep dorama, you'd need something to fill in time but for a movie, I'd imagine they have trouble fitting in all the stuff from the game in 2 hours. We don't need characters fans don't give a shit about. I'd rather see the Date's daughter side story. Wait, what if Saeko is playing Date's daughter? Then all is forgiven and the writer is a genius. However I doubt this is so as judging from the trailer, Date seems to be a really minor character.

OMG, Yumi is hot. Need to google name of actress.

Doubt she'd have much of a role here. :( Maybe they'll change the ending. Imagine Yumi and Sayama in the sequel!

The actress potraying Haruka IMO is horribly cast. Ok, she doesn't seem that bad but she's just not 'innocent' enough. She's just doesn't look likable.

Nishiki actually looks dangerous. I just hope they don't reduce him to generic last boss role. Seriously, they need to devote at least 15 minutes into their backstory. Or its gonna lack emotional omph.

I can't bloody wait for this movie to come out. Screw the subs. I just wanna see Kazuma kick arse all over Tokyo. Hope Takashi Miike doesn't mess it up. He does niche movies but Zebraman proved that he can do crowd good crowd pleasing movies as well. Can't imagine the last time I was this excited about a movie....

Uuhh, Haruka with shredded clothes?!! Are they aiming for a more Leon: Directors cut story?

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