Monday, March 05, 2007

Hana Yori Dango Season 2, ep 1-8

Sigh, had much more fun rewatching Galcir this weekend than slowly catching up with my backlog of jdoramas. Which is not to say that this show is bad. Its probably the 2nd best show this season after Himitsu no Hanazo. To borrow an overused phrase, if you loved the 1st season, you'd like the 2nd. If you are thought the 1st season was OK, the second is watchable.

She certainly knows what men want. And Domyouji is a frigging idiot.

Part of my lack of enjoyment is are the shoujo cliche/plot devices so I won't whinge about it being based on a shoujo manga. Like the stupid excuse about the arrange marriage needed to save the company and Domyouji's responsibility. Yeah I know, its just an excuse for round 2 and they didn't dwell on it too much but... sigh.

Anyways. my main complaint for this season is that its basically another ride on the merry go around for Makino and Domyoji with Hanazawa Rui and Shigeru playing the supporting roles of roadblocks. Which isn't so bad except that we've seen all this before, albeit without Shigeru in pt 1. Worse, its so fucking slow and uninspired.

Seriously, the side story of Sara was way more interesting. One of the main rules of a good dorama is that if the main story is lagging, push the side stories. Unfortunately, the scripwriter/director seems happy showing Makino/Domyouji doing their indecisive thing and making everyone take a back seat.

The one improvement is that there's more chicks in this one so i guess I can't complain too much.

Matsushima Nanako! The jdorama world needs you! Goddamit, we need to stop giving main acting roles to gravure idols and get real actresses. Idols should hone their craft as supporting acts 1st and pay their dues.


Jung said...

I think I like the Season 2 better than Season 1. And unlike Season 1, the series gets more interesting as episodes progress, like the whole side plot with Soujiro and the tea girl, and more involvement from Yuuki. Also like Ken and Nishida side plot. It compensates for the very cheesy core side plots.

Himitsu is holding up well, though I do like Chichiue-sama and I don't think I ever mentioned about the other two dramas I like... Chichiue-sama and Karei-Naru Ichizoku. Haken is pretty entertaining too.

This season has several good watchable dramas. I mean, I'm not dying to watch new episodes like I did with Slow Dance and Kekkon, but I think this has been a solid season, don't you think?

Jung said...

^ Err i meant "It compensates for the very cheesy core plot."

Akiramike said...

Just started on Karei-Naru Ichizoku. I'm saving Chichiue for later. Tried Tokyo Tower but didn't interest me. I just disappointed that no show this season has a must watch feel.