Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wonderful Life 5+6

Great to see SARS picking up this show from where mugen_dorama left off. Wonderful Life is a story of redemption and also about the underdog. Two concepts which make this show impossible to fuck up. Sorimachi Takashi (GTO) plays Kirishima, once a superstar in baseball and now reduced to coaching a kids baseball team to make ends meet. Hasegawa Kyoko plays a teacher who gets him to coach the team and her main role is to be pleasing to our eyes. :)

How can someone in a chisai no heia with two bijin joseis have a glum face?

Yes, you all know where this show is going. But it doesn't make it any less enjoyable. I just want to say its great to watch a show with a strong male lead. By strong I mean having charisma/acting skills or both. Actresses who are not named Matsushima Nanako need them. Contrast Kyoko san and Takisawa Hideaki in Boku dake no Madonna. Neither able to carry the show and have zero chemistry. Effeminine guy + hot chick = no chemistry.

Still the coolest dude in jdoramas.

Its great to see GTO in a watchable show. Hotman 2 was an utter waste of time. He should be in two doramas a year. He may be lacking in acting skills but he just oozes charisma. He can out-act any of those Johnny bishounen any day. Plus, who else can play a convincing (former) athelete?

Kyoko-san, I'm exactly what you're looking for! Call me now!

One thing I don't enjoy in doramas are kids. I got sick of watching doramas about kids after Kinpachi Sensei season 6. Jyoou no Koushitsu was great because it didn't simplify the issues made showed that the politics etc in the kids' world also happens in the adult world. But they've got the whole underdog team has me rooting for them.

Too bad Ichikawa Yui has such a minor role. :(

Its not a must watch show but its definitely better than average. What prevents this show from reaching greatness is a good side story or two. The whole poor shopkeepers v big corporation shopping malls this is just boring. What would be interesting is to show that the ppl who condemn Kirishima for his misdeeds are actually no better. Show how society builds heroes so that we can pull them down. The supporting character stuff is just not funny enough, but that's just a minor gripe.

Looks like next episode, Kirishima is getting his chance to get back into the limelight. With another 6 episodes to go, we can guess what will happen. I'd highly recommend anyone to check this show out, you won't be disappointed.


Data said...

Heh, looks like you're on a Hasegawa Kyoko binge :) You probably already know this, but she's going to be in what looks like a pretty dark drama next season alongside Ito Hideaki.

Anyway, I am also puzzled that Ichikawa Yui took such a miniscule part. That role would be perfect for someone just starting out in the business, but it seems like a step backward for her after Hotman.

Jung said...

I passed on this one, but I didn't realized it had Hasegawa. Now I have to watch it.

But hey, the johnny boy and Hasegawa in Boku no Madonna had great stuff going on. They had chemistry! >:O

Jung said...

Ok I watched (and skimmed through) ep 2 and 3. I don't know man... He seems to be stuck in yet another GTO role, which is a shame.

But I hear you about the kid thing. I don't know why Japanese kids (below 10) can't. It's like these writers and directors are clueless about how the real kids think and behave.

And if I hear one more fake genki "EUNG!!!" from a kid with utterly fake smile, I'm going to flip out.

Jung said...

^ I meant to say, "I don't know why Japanese kids (below 10) can't ACT"

Akiramike said...

data: Its better to be in a minor role than not to be in any show. It probably didn't take her long to film her scenes.

Jung: If you've watched Love Complex, you know that he can act provided the script is good.

I have no complaints about Sorimachi Takashi doing GTO roles. Especially since I can't imagine many actors who can do that role.

I know what exactly what you mean about kids. I think its more of how kids are expected to behave in doramas.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I agree, not must watch, not the best, but it's pretty good. I really enjoy watching it. I kept the files hoping that they would continue it. The 3 girls in the show look good.