Monday, February 26, 2007

Jmovie review: Warau Michael

Euno Juri, one of the most promising young actresses. An all girl high school on an island. A lolicon nun. Super powers and martial arts. There's no fucking way they could mess this movie up right? Once again, Japanese cinema has taken good concepts and managed to make a mess of it.

I demand more nuns in jmovies and jdoramas.

I'm not familiar with the manga/anime this movie is base on. Basically its a mahou shoujo type story right down to the cliches. I can live with that. The movie is definitely not aimed at me. What I cannot stand is the shoddy CG and horrible action. (One would think that watching so many Japanese movies I would be wiser)

I want to be a teacher at an all-girls school when I grow up

Basically the whole movie was shot on greenscreen. Even simple backgrounds. I suppose this is to give the movie a 'fantasy' feel. On the other hand, a lot of times the CG looks so crap that it distracts from the actual movie. Especially that ending battle which had some of the worst CG ever. I've seen better graphics on my Saturn.

Can you say cosplay?

Storyline wise, its cliche riddled with more cliches, which I don't really mind. I was looking forward to the action. Sadly, sentai shows have better action. Basically the stuntmen are just throwing themselves around. Its like watching the fight scene in Morning Cop. (ugh, how did I remember that movie)

A most disappointing bunch of villians. I was hoping for a leather nun outfit at least.

The worst sin of this movie is the lolicon nun subplot. When she kidnapped the hime, I was eagerly expecting a scene involving leather nun outfit, handcuffs and maybe whips. Maybe they'll include that in the DVD. Avoid, unless you're a 10 year old girl. In which case, you shouldn't be reading this blog.

Euno Juri looking to kick her manager's arse for making her do this film.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha. Japanese make great dramas, but not movies. And yeah, great concepts, but always F'ed up.