Sunday, February 18, 2007

OMG! Ryu Ga Gotoku movie!

I love Yakuza aka Ryu Ga Gotoku, a Shenmue lite game brawler for PS2. Speaking of ShenMue, Where the fuck is Shenmue 3? I would spend aud$1k for a PS3 right now just to play the freaking game. I hope Yu Suzuki is working on it right now instead of that crappy Shenmue online thing that was announced ages ago.

Love this shot, really looks like the game. And they have to include the best line from Yakuza into the movie.

Haruka: Uncle Kazuma, what's a soapland?

Besides the fact that Yakuza is the closest thing to Shenmue 3 I can get, its also the game that older gamers want. Kick arse action and violence, good story, lots of mature content and fun gameplay. When I was playing the game I was wondering how they would make it a jdorama and dream casting (hehe) the characters.

FFS, Kazuma doesn't use guns. He uses knives, billboards, swords, knuckle brass and Kendo sticks. The only time he used a gun was in the car chase scene.

To my surprise, a Ryu Ga Gotoku movie is already out! And its produced by Takashi Miike. And imdb search reveals that its only a 43 minute short. I'm not confident with the casting though. Kitamura Kazuki just doesn't have the tough guy look. Plus he's always been playing weird characters and he just doesn't have the voice.

Wheee, Saeko's in the show. Somehow I doubt she's playing the stripper GF of the host.

If casting based on looks, the guy who looks most like Kazuma is Fukami Motoki, Enzo's friend from Hotman. All he has to do is bulk up, sneer a bit more and don't smile. Plus, he's got the height. Kazuma has to bloody look like he can beat up a room full of ppl.

Wipe that smile of his face and he'll look like Kazuma Kiryu.

Haruka: Uncle Kazuma, you have messages from Reika, Chisa and Hiromi.

Kazuma: eerr, those are messages for help. I'm a yakuza, I help cabaret girls.

Its interesting that they've cast the Nanisama guy as Majima. That character reminds me of Gary Oldman's character in the professional. Hhmm, another story involving a tough guy and little girl. Anyways, I just hope I'll run into a torrent for the short one of these days. The one thing that'll make me happier is if Sega announces that Yakuza 2 will be subbed and not dubbed.

All pictures were stolen without permission from gamebrink.

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Ocelot said...

Hi there, Big fan of yakuza here.
There is another movie of yakuza, it take place before the incidents of yakuza 1, Fuma Shintaro is the main character, Kazuma and Nishiki are kids.

The actors in this movie look pretty good, but I don´t like this Majima, I saw the movie and he is too damn serious, the real majima was a little more... wacky.