Monday, February 05, 2007

Kira Kira Kenshui ep 1+ 2

Don't u think she looks like Tanaka Rena?

I really wanted to like this show. This is Konishi Manami's first shot at being a leading actress. She's done her time as a supporting actress and she's clearly a better actress than most of them out there. Hotman 2 really sucked without her. I was looking to see her being more than just eye candy.

Yes, I'm shocked that this show is so unfunny

Unfortunately within the 1st five minutes, I could tell this show was really crap. They're trying too freaking hard to make it funny that its not and becomes fucking unbearable. I've gotta say, this is the first jdorama where the humour completely falls flat on its face. Its as if the jokes were written for 5 year old girls or something. The only funny thing is the doctor who walks around like a yakuza. They could have at least milked it with him having junior doctors as underlings and extorting money from patients and stuff. They could have had fights for territory (patients). Fucking TBS should hire me to save the show.

Secondly the story is really crap. Konishi Manami plays an intern. The thing is, her 'problems' are so trivial and insignificant that you don't give a fuck. Like working when you're sick or tying a fucking string. OK, its not that insignificant but just the way they present it makes it so lame. This show makes Nurse Aoi look like a classic.

With the bad stuff out of the way, lets talk Konishi Manami. Fuck, she is even hotter than before. Somehow her shorter haircut makes her look even younger. And the shorter hair sorta emphasises her eyes more. I'd just be happy if only the show was barely watchable.

The only cute nurse on the show, unfortunately. Jdoramas should stop trying to cast realistic looking nurses and cast more JAV types.

Acting wise, she's decent. She's basically doing her best impersonation of the Fukada Kyoko kawaii but donkan type girl. IMO, she does it better but its hard to separate the acting from how crap the show is. Sigh. I just hope this doesn't prevent her being being the leading lady again. In summary avoid. I'm torn between dropping it and somehow praying that the series will at least find its legs soon. Maybe I should treat the show as a Konishi Manami gravure vid....

Kawaii!!!!!!! Can't believe she's bloody older than me.


tUrtleAE86 said...

Crap story, good actress. Seems like a recurring theme this season. T_T

Speaking of Tanaka Rena.. last movie I saw w/her (Drugstore Girl) was exactly the same. That story had lots of potential, but totally sucked! Although, in this case I still flip through it every once in a while, cuz she looks THAT good in it. ^^;

(Totally unrelated, but this movie looks like it's going to be good:

Akiramike said...

OMG, is that Hirosue Ryoko and Abe Hiroshi?!! That makes the movie must watch.

Last Tanaka Rena movie I saw was the Odoru Daisasousen one. Its was really crap with shoddy writing.

IMO, the jdorama industry need to hire non Japanese cause a lot of the writing is so chiche and unimaginative.

Anonymous said...

yup...bad show.


Jung said...

Haha you're being too kind. This is unwatchable. Possibly the worst jdorama ever, and I have seen hundreds. lol