Thursday, February 15, 2007

Himitsu no Hanazono ep 1-4

Probably the best show this season, which isn't saying anything considering the quality of shows. I'd have to say it more to do with the strength of the concept rather than the execution. HnH tells the story of Tsukiyama who a former fashion magazine writer turned shoujo manga editor. The catch of the show is that the mangaka she is in charge of, Hanazono Yuriko is really 4 brothers.

Can u say Bukkake? Whatever happens, at least she's got a career in JAV.

Basically this is a harem dorama for women. You have 4 bros with different personalities, blah blah. I've got no problem with that. What I have a problem with is that poofter youngest brother. His acting is as atrocious as Goto Maki's. I'm so sick of bishonen who should be ashamed of calling themselves men showing up in jdoramas. Yeah, I know girls dig guys who look like chicks but ffs if this keeps up, the next generation of Japanese boys will grow up thinking Gackt and Tsunku are role models.

WTF, you're only a B cup? The minimum size for middle ages tavern wench clothing is C cup!

Anyway another aspect of the show that they could have bloody played around with more is the manga part. Basically the manga stuff takes a backseat to Tsukiyama's relationship with the bros. There's so much otaku stuff that they can tap. Put shoujo manga cliches into the show, etc etc. I just feel that there's too much potential with the story that's being wasted. 4 bros is too much. They should have gotten rid of the poof. I'd certainly speed up the story.

Another series about a manga author is Egao no Hosoku which is a very pedestrian series except that they way it was set up, one couldn't expect much more. HnH has so much fucking potential its not funny.

I'd love to do stuff like this, which is probably why I'll never be in management...

OK, it got better in ep 4. I think the revelation of the 'butler' as the Editor's old flame is funny and they should play it as corny as possible. Story is speeding up so maybe the series will switch into 5th gear all the way to the end.

If you're thinking she looks familiar, she's Matsuoka Rinako, one of the violin girls from Nodame. As hot as she is too bad her part sucks.

Its interesting to see another show featuring a long time supporting actress. Most fans will remember Yumiko Shaku as the teacher from Stand Up and as the main chick from Princess Blade. I must say, unlike Konishi Manami, I don't see potential for her. Its not that she's bad but just that she doesn't stand out.

Oh yeah, I gave Kira Kira kensui another try and tried to watch ep 3. The key word is tried. Sigh. I think I'll just play Ryuga no Gotoku 2 and wait for next season.


Aaron-SaMa said...

where have you been, never coming online anymore...enjoying too much of the palmone har
anyway the girl in HnH is from stand up right? brings back old memories

Jung said...

Haha you should be a writer or director. I think this show is good enough that it didn't make me think about what it could've been.

Up to ep 6 or so, each character has been dedicated to exploring mostly brothers and side characters in-depth. But not much has been revealed about our main girl.

She is still a mystery to me. (as well as the young lady from Nodame. But with that said, this show would've been very weak without Terajima Susumu and Maya Miki. They provided much need pillars roles in this show.

Haha and don't you just love the abusive boss? He totally fits the role.

Akiramike said...

If I were a director, any gravure actress who wants in has to do me certain favours....

The reason the main girl is a mystery is that she represents the average/generic girl. Just as for shounen harem manga/anime where the main character is generic lookin and has a simple backstory.

So basically the focus of the show is the bros. The boss is kewl. They need to show more about working in the manga world.

l said...

her helpless-looking face is priceless

miz said...

I really like this series as well. So well performed by the actors.. although some times I would like to shove that editor. He seems to be letting on that he knows more.. but still has to be an ass about it as well.