Friday, February 09, 2007

Byakuyakou ep 7

Finally the series has turned a corner after the slowness of the past few eps. I attribute it to Ayase Haruka to finally finding her 'voice' as Yukiho. This is the first time in the series that I'm able to link her character with Fukuda Mayuko's incredible acting in ep 1.

I would attribute this change to two scenes. First the scene where she smiles at Sasagaki and the rooftop scene at the end. Maybe its the writing or that she has finally found her groove. It echoes the characters in the show where in the end they come to grips with their situation and set on their respective paths.

Storyline wise, the story is finally moving. Perhaps is the excitement of seeing the beginning of the end? Nevertheless, the players in the game have moved to new positions and some other characters may have a say in what happens. Yukiho finally gets married to a rich guy and Ryouji finally gets office manager type job. I think this has sort off added an element of danger to the story. They have more to lose now and will have to question how much weight their past has on their future.

I think the main problem with the series so far is that the episodes don't stand alone well enough and SARS sporadic releases kinda spoils the flow. Still, its a pretty good show (especially compared with the shows this season) and I have a feeling that its going to get better during the home stretch.


Jung said...

Alright you're on your own with this one. LOL I stopped watching it after the disturbing scene with that oyaji and the girl. That poor man... he always get stuck playing these loser/perverted father role. LOL

Akiramike said...

Dude, that was like the 1st half of ep 1. You've got to give it a chance. If you're not interested after watching the whole of the 1st ep, then there's nothing else I can say except I like dark shows. :)