Monday, January 29, 2007

Enka no Joou ep 1+2

The Good

Amami Yuki: Damn good acting as Himawari. Unfortunately, good acting + crap story does not equal watchable show

Sakai Wakana: hotness. Last saw recurring role I saw her in was Koi Seyo otome. I'm interested in seeing what she can do besides the uber kawaii woman.

The bad

Storywise, this show is boring. Basically its about the dumbest woman in Japan who happens to have a thing for a loser who's screwed her life too many times to count. Seriously, how the fuck do they expect the audience to get behind her? Compare this with the initial idea of 101 Proposals. 101 was suppose to be a dark comedy about a guy who screws up his life in pursuit of a woman. (They changed the story to a happy ending after it became too popular)

Fukuda Mayuko just doesn't look comfortable playing a happy character. Someone write her another dark and depressing role.

My point is, to get behind a character they need to have a goal and they can't be too stupid. Himawari wants to get to Kouhaku but is she working to that goal? No. She's still getting involved with Hitoshi's business. Basically, I don't give a fuck about any of the characters in the show.

Humour? What humour. Its not funny. Unless you find an idiotic enka singer ruining what's left of her life to be funny. There's no drama. There's no humour. What's the freaking point of the show?

The ugly

Only in Japan can a show have a married man go to a love hotel with a joshi kousei and not get arrested for statutary rape. Or have right wing groups boycotting the show for promoting enjokousai. Wait.... that's not a bad thing... is it?

Yes, I know Narumi Riko has lotsa potential but for gods sake, just wait til she's 18. On a side note, I believe the legal age in Japan is 13 or something. Don't quote me on that but I think I have the link in my bookmark somewhere...

The ratings. This story needs to go somewhere interesting quick.


Jung said...

Indeed, this show is the biggest waste of Amami Yuki ever.

iono, but I think Fukuda Mayuko seems to play her role well here. But did you notice how her eyebrows are very very steeply angled? Very unusual.

Anyway, this season is a lackluster one. Don't even get me started on the Konishi career-destroying Kirakira Kenshui.

The only one I look forward to watching is Himitsu no Hanazono... that one is proving to be surprisingly enjoyable. I can't get enough of Shaku Yumiko's pathetic expression she puts on every time she screws up.

Haha sorry, totally irrelevant comments to your original. :-x

Akiramike said...

IMHO, Fukuda Mayuka somehow doesn't look as comfortable smiling all the time. Or maybe I'm to used to seeing her playing darker characters that I can't accept her playing anything else.

Haven't had time to watch the other shows yet.

tUrtleAE86 said...

I agree with jung that Himitsu no Hanazono is pretty good!

Tempted to watch Enka for Sakai Wakana.. I couldn't get enough of her in Manhattan Love Story. I never look at weather reports the same anymore.. ^^;

Data said...

Actually I find Enka pretty entertaining :) The problem with Kirakira is that it's so ridiculous, but it takes itself so seriously! I pity Konishi. If you're going to be ridiculous you should treat it the way Enka does. I like the whole routine: the enka scene, the fantasy scene, the lands-in-hospital-but-miraculously-revives scene etc.

On the other hand Himitsu no Hanazono doesn't seem to have any more secrets left. I only watched till episode 4, but it already felt aimless.