Thursday, January 18, 2007

2006 Jdorama ramblings (special OL edition)

I'm too lazy to look for pics/make caps so I hope you'll enjoy these OL pics. The only thing hotter than joshi kousei are OLs... and CAs.... and maids..... So let the rambling begin!


Not gritty or realistic enough which was the same problem with Ichi Litre no Namida. Except in Ichi Litre I had Sawajiri Erika to perv at. Its too easy for Miki to say she was going to have the baby. The ones who are going to suffer are going to be the parents. Its more their decision than hers. They're the ones who are going to have to work hard for the next 20 years to raise their grandchild on top of their two kids. Miki is going to be more of a sister than mother and she can just live of her parents, child support and gov assistance for the rest of her life.

My problem is not the direction of the story but how its told. Somehow the fact that Miki and her family are so well dressed and made up doesn't make them to be the struggling middle class family. I just find the script dialogue too fantastical. Yeah I know doramas are not realistic but the complete lack of realism has prevented me from having apathy with the characters. This needs to be done in a more 'Daremo Shiranai' style.


I just like the kick arse girl. I just find the stereotypical potrayal of the Otakus boring. Still watchable though its not on my list of priorities to finish.


Love the misery. Unfortunately this show slowly losing the momentum from the 1st episode. After going to a fast pace start, the show shifted down to 3 gear for too long. Still its better than most shows.


How can a show about cheerleaders be this boring........ I doubt watching the subbed version will change my mind.


What a big waste of potential. I thought the writer had some grand plan but in the end, it ended too easily with lots of potential storylines unexplored. And they basically made Shin-chan completely useless to the story. WTF is the ending for his characters arc? Did someone not go to writing schoool.


Horribly written. I thought all the scams would at least get better and more complex instead they got boring. The main charactert is fucking horribly miscast. The disguises are so fucking lame and unconvincing. Not to mention really horrible ending which was my main reason for sticking with the show until the end. I just loved the having to work with my sworn enemy in order to get revenge against him bit.


Very well done show. Just somehow didn't have the 'heart' that Swing Girls did. Can't fault them for excellent effort. Still a very watchable show, just not the classic it could have been. Now where did I put my Swing Girls dvd?


Horrible show. Itoh Misaki should never be main actress again and that Kame needs to be shot. Can you say completely no chemistry whatsoever? And Itoh Misaki tried her best but she can't complex characters. Wanted to continue watching just for Shiraishi Miho and Shida Mirai but its not worth it. Maybe I should hire someone to edit out the main storyline. It had a very interesting side story.... sigh. Lame attempt to mix Long Vacation + Love Generation.


Someone shoot/hang/strangle that Kame fucker now. In the name of all that is good, get him the fuck away from jdoramas. At the very least, let him show he can act in supporting roles b4 pushing him. The 1st episode is too horribly written to speak off. Even Toda Erika could not make me watch ep 2.


tUrtleAE86 said...

Speaking of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, I was reading an article the other day speaking about how Ayase Haruka has some pretty bad eating habits! She weighs something like 7 kg more than she did back in her modelling days.

Squanto said...

ok... what is a CA?

Akiramike said...

Cabin Attendent

Jung said...

Alrighty... remind me not to visit your blog from work again. -_-

Jung said...

Oh, yes... I agree we need to shoot Kame. How can the producer expect anybody from either gender to be fond of this eyebrow-plucking, fake-Kimutaku table scrap?

I didn't mind 14 Sai in that I got to see some nice actings by couple of people. The editor of the tabloid was a great pleasure to watch, and he brought a lot of interesting elements to the show. I was also impressed by the dramatic acting by Miki's father. Ah.. and a great song by Mr. Children.

joeboygo said...

Hey akiramike:

It looks like our tastes jive, more or less.

For this year, check out Karei Naru Ichizoku. I've only seen the first two episodes, but the production values are high, and the story is taken from a famous novel that I happen to know was very good. It's being subbed by a good friend of mine. Drop in at and join the conversation.