Sunday, January 14, 2007

HamsapSukebe Jdorama awards 2006

I was going to do one last year but I kept waiting for the last ep of Jyou no Kyoshitsu to come out and by the time it did, it was too late to do one. I did not watch every series out there and some series are not completely subbed yet, eg Byakuyakou but its still fun to look back and try to remember all the shows I watched.

BEST ACTOR: Abe Hiroshi (KDO)

Fucking no brainer of the year. Abe Hiroshi is most remembered as Ueda from Trick series and for playing numerous supporting characters. His magnificant acting in KDO gave life to one of the most memorable characters in Jdorama. His performance is a joy to watch.

Runner ups: Toyokawa Etsushi (Bengoshi no Kuzu), Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (Boku no Aruku Michi), Nagase Tomoya (My Boss My Hero)

BEST ACTRESS: Natsukawa Yui (KDO)

What, I actually beat all those skanky hos?

Very crowded field but end of the day, no woman captured my heart more than Hayasaka sensei. Her performance was nuanced yet spoke loudly. While she may not be able to carry a show, her acting had something that all the gravure idols turned actresses don't have: depth.

Runner ups: Ueno Juri (Nodame), Aya Euto (Attention Please)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Furata Arata (Galcir)

He really carried this show from so-so to really good. Brilliant comedic actor and most memorable supporting character besides Ken and Stresemann.

Runner ups: Abe Sadao (Iryu) Ken-chan (KDO, yes I know he's a dog)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Aragaki Yui (My Boss, My Hero)

There is no character who is more a paragon of innocence and joushi-kousei kawainess than Umemura-san.

Runner ups: Kuninaka Ryoko (KDO)

BEST GUEST ACTOR: Mitsuya Yoko (KDO & Bengoshi no Kuzu)

She appeared in just one episode in both series and she made the eps so much better. She may not be main actress material (yet) but her short lived appearances in both series were certainly very memorable.


No show comes close to how fucking excellent the music was in this show. There's a lot of moments which could have been lough out corny and lame but the music just made it so... cool.

Runner up: Nodame


3) Iryu

Doesn't win any awards in the acting department except for Abe Sadao as the alcoholic anesthetian but its a bloody solid show. Damn good pacing, excellent music and gripping story.

2) Boku no Aruku Michi

Didn't really like it at first but the characters really grew on me it just kept getting better by the episode. Excellent acting, memorable characters and beautiful ending. What more could a d-addict ask for?

1) Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

One of the greatest jdoramas ever. This is one show where the characters have so much depth that they practically wrote the story themselves. Best writing and dialogue I've ever seen in Jdoramas ever. Hate to say it, but they'll never be another show like it. (Though I'd love to be proven wrong)


Jung said...

haha wow, Iryu was good? I never gave it a try, since I'm not really big on medical show. But now you got me curious.

I would've never thought of Furata Arata, but he was hilarious indeed. And if you watch the ending song sequence for Galcir, I think he also dances very well.

Good choices for Best actors/actresses, though I'm not sure about Aragaki Yui as best support actresses... haha though I liked how her face gradually turns from the look of shock to disgust in one episode where 3-4 guys come up to Nagase boasting about their successes with women, using Nagase's technique. (the killer two finger thing... I still have no clue what that is, but I'd like to know LOL)

Anyway I would've voted for Toda Erika for best supporting role. She was fun to watch in Galcir.

Akiramike said...

Depends on how you define main actress. I would base it one role in story and screen time and would put Toda Erika as the main actress in Galcir. She's featured prominent and is the whole series revolves around her character and the cowboy.

Aragaki Yui is definitely in a supporting role in MBMH. She doesn't get consistent screen time and doesn't have to carry the series.

Even then, while Toda Erika's acting is good, I feel the field is very crowded. And I had to give props to Euto Aya for making Attention Please watchable.

Feel free to disagree.

FaIth^HeBe said...

I keep hearing abt iryu mentioned as one of the top dramas this year and how good the story is

just watched the first episode on crunchyroll and was disappointed

too unrealistic imo.. there's this ridiculousa scene where the doctor guy pokes his ptient with ballpoint pen? like wtf?

oppai said...

What about Dr Koto 2...I know some people found the 1st series boring, but it is one that builds up slowly. The 2nd series ain't as good I thought, but nevertheless was well done. I personally find Dr Koto consistently underrated.

Also a point on Iryu...yes it was radical to stick a ball point pen into someone's chest, but this has been done in the field to relieve a life threatening tension pneumothorax. She would have otherwise arrested.

Akiramike said...

faith^hebe: Name me one realistic Jdorama. Iryu is not realistic. Its fantastical, extreme and exageratted. I would assume most of the stuff is based on real medicine. What's great about the show is that instead of laughing, I just found it cool.

Its like an action movie where a band of heroes are gathered to save the world except this is about a band of doctors.

On the subject of realism, a doctor friend of mine comented that he finds it hard to watch medical shows cause a lot of stuff is inaccurate.

Its like legal shows. A lot of issues are true but the way things are handled in real life must be changed to tell a good story.

Oppai: I have yet to watch Dr Koto so no comments.

daveb said...

The KDO withdraw is killing me... every jdorama I watched since then seems to be half empty and I wound up watching KDO again starting from ep 3... hahaha... Anyway have you take a look at either Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta! or Enka no Jyouou lately?

Anonymous said...

Best supporting/cameo character - Kaneda!

Akiramike said...

daveb: I concur. KDO has shown me how great jdoramas could be and I doubt we'll see anything as good as long as they continue to push johnnies and gravure models. We need actual actors dammit.

I'll probably get to watching the new shows this weekend. Enka sounds like the potential hit of the season so we'll see.....

tUrtleAE86 said...

I watched one ep of Enka no Joou and gave up... Maybe I'm just not used to seeing Amami Yuki in a non-serious role. The same thing happened after watching one ep of Top Caster.. lol

And, I think that Amami Yuki totally belongs in Haken no Hinkaku, instead of Shinohara Ryoko. It's totally the same role that she played in Joou no Kyoushitsu.

tUrtleAE86 said...

"Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta!" is pretty good, quite entertaining. And, they have an interesting cameo role for Nakama Yukie's Mom from Trick. But, it's just missing something! Maybe, Hiroshi Abe? hahah j/k

Anyways, the guy that plays her husband is miscast IMHO. (Tanihara Shosuke)