Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Enka no Joou and HYD2

Enka no Joou

Well, I stuck around the show until the end. Mostly due the fact that the writer wrote Jyouu no Kyoushitsu, one of the best written jdoramas ever. The 1st half bored me to tears with the lack of humour and characters I don't care about. So the important question here is, do I regret sticking with the show until the end?

Not really. At least I sorta get what the writer was trying to do with the show. Basically the writer is saying that its not about the dumb choices that Himawari makes but that she sees her choices through and does not regret making them. I get the point except that Himawari's choices spell idiocy rather than determination.

How the fuck some loser like Hitoshi end up with Sakai Wakana?!

And Hitoshi is a fuckwit. I don't care how many times he cries, gets down on his knees and says he wants to cure his mom. Actions speak louder than words and he is neither sympathetic nor funny. Its sort of a parable featuring not so 'flawed' characters except their flaws are too exagerrated to the point that on one would want to be friends with Himawari or Hitoshi in real life. The only character I was rooting for was Masami, and it had nothing to do with wanting to root Sakai Wakana.

I know what you're thinking: can't wait til Fukuda Mayuko turns 18!

That said I don't regret watching this show. Why? Cause the show had ambition. That's better than a lot of generic doramas out there. At leastthe writer tried something different. Not every show can be KDO or Long Vacation. At least this show made a failed attempt at black humour. I got the message (at the end)of what message of the show was but the way they were trying say it bored the hell out of me.

Hana Yori Dango 2

Can you say extreme hotness?

Wheeeeeeee! Toda Erika! I think somehow subconsciously I knew she was going to come in. That's the only possible explanation for me finishing this show. Before we get back to her, I've gotta say two things: Hanazawa Rui giving up killed whatever momentum the second season had. The 'hero' is only as good as the 'bad guy'. Hanazawa Rui is the best 'villain' for Domyouji to fight cause I think most people could see Makino with either and the possibility is the best thing this series has going for it.

Is the shot of her getting up going to be on the DVD?

I can't believe someone dusted out the lose memory plot to basically add one more episode in. As much as I love seeing Toda Erika on screen her character and plotline is basically reduntant. That said she positively shines as the last minute challenger to Makino and doesn't have the supporting character feel no matter how crap her character's motivation is. At least she provided me with motivation not to fast forward all her parts, unlike the rest of the series.

I'm always happy to give Toda Erika more than seconds. :)


Anonymous said...

hi im a nobody here in net but i do understand what you say,,,
Shes one of the few whom i think is close to being perfect (as of now) ^^
Erika Toda
Very Beautiful Girl =)

If u have good shots of her,
can you send them to me?
heres my email


Jung said...

I didn't finish Enka, but I did finish HYD2... Watching the last Hyd2 made me wonder, "where the hell did Toda Erika come out of to help push the van?!?"

There is one huge problem with HYD2. And that is, it is just not convincing to pick Domiyoji over Rui. He is such a prick in this drama that none of his redeeming qualities are enough to offset it.

I think it was both casting error and direction error to portray Domiyoji the way they did.

Anyway, I've said this before, but I think HYD2 is still a lot better than HYD1. There was a bit more depth, and more interesting sideplots.

Akiramike said...

Oh god, that van part was so lame. Why do they have to turn the 'villain' into a good guy in the end.

The answer is simple, Domyouji probably has more $$$ than Rui. Rui giving up was the worst thing for the series. I think Domyouji is potrayed that way in the series so the writers probably didn't have much leeway. To me its just that his 'problems' are so stupid and so simple that one cannot sympathise with him.

HYD may be better (which is not saying much) but its actually a rerun of part 1. Too much reduntant storylines. Oh well, at least this season seems to be much better.

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