Saturday, April 21, 2007

Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu ep 1-4

Ta-su-ke-te! Ta-su-ke-te! Aarrgh, can't get the theme song out of my head!

With a title which translates to 'my wife is having an affair this week', this became a must check out show. And I'm damn grateful to D-fansubs for picking up this show. Yusuke Santamaria is probably the best in playing the bumbling underdog salaryman. One cannot but root for any of the character he potrays. Once again he plays Dodoh Hajime, an assistant editor in a lowly magazine who is happily married to Ishida Yuriko who seems like the perfect wife.

If your wife's having an affair with such a regular looking guy, there must be something wrong with you!

However one day Hajime mistakenly took his wife's phone and discovered some suspicious emails. The first three episodes are about him agonising over the emails, trying to convince himself that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion. What I enjoyed about the 3 episodes was that it was still possible that the wife was not cheating on him. But then, there's no way one could write 11 episodes about a husband mistakenly believing his wife was cheating on him.

I'm getting bored by Ishida Yuriko's 'acting'. There's plenty of 30+ actresses who are better. Hada Michiko, Moriguchi Yoko or Tsurata Mayu. hhhmmm

Ep 4 sees Hajime finally confront his wife and her lover and its nice to see Santamaria Yusuke play an angry character. Usually when the characters he portrays gets angry, it always ends up in a comedic situation. Now that Hajime has discovered his wife's treachery, what is left for the remaining 7 episodes? Well, we've yet to hear his wife's 'explaination' for her adultery and we'll see who gets the kid, house and money.

Hhmm, she's certainly grown up since Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta koto.

And there's the interesting part of Tamako, Hajime's colleague played by Tomosaka Rie. Taking a cue out of Densha Otoko, Hajime turns to a bbs to seek advice on his troubles and Pudding being a divorcee has been giving him advice. Somehow he finds out that Pudding is Tamako but doesn't reveal himself as the poster which would make for some interesting stuff in the next episodes.

Shows on adultery are always fun to watch, its just that the endings are always boring. If this show has one weakness, its the lack of a strong side story or two. We have Nishimaru Masahiko (and toupee) playing a cheating lawyer who offers Hajime advise but its more to create some comedic moments. The IMO show hinges too much on Hajime's character which can be a little tiring. Nevertheless, its been a very entertaining 4 episodes and I'm looking forward to see what happens next. As long as they keep up the comedy, the show should be very watchable.

Which is better, supporting actor in big name dorama or main actor in low budget one?


Jung said...

Ta su ke te~~~~~~~

You can't create a more fitting animation. lol

I have agree with you on Yuriko. The lead guy cracks me up all the time, so I was looking forward to this. But for some reason, I stopped after ep2. And I think it's because I got tired of watching Yuriko in this kind of role again.

Ta su ke te~~~~~~~~

Akiramike said...

Yeah, Yuriko brings this show down. She looks good but doesn't bring anything to her character. I think tolerance for shoddy acting depends on how often they appear in doramas. Pretty face + 1st appearance = very forgiving. For someone like Yuriko who's been in so many shows I expect better.

She's sorta like Kuroki Hitomi who only wants to look good. That said, I'm watching for the main actor and Tomosaka Rie.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about this drama ending