Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ohyama Yurika + Toda Erika = th3 w1n!

Excuse me ladies, are you free for a menage a trois?

Haven't updated my jpop stuff in ages and found out that Ohyama Yurika has a new single, Haru Iro. The song's nothing not that great except that this is her second PV with Toda Erika in it. Obviously these two have some sort of friendship going on. I'm guessing its cause they're both from Okinawa or something. Anyway, I'm just happy to see my current favourite singer and one of my fav actresses in the same PV.

Yes, Matsuura Aya is no longer at the top of my list. GAM looks good on paper but their songs aren't memorable and there's no harmony in the singing. While Haru Iro has the PV going for it, the B-side song, Sakura Saku is one addictive song. Before I knew it, I was looping the freaking song singing along to the chorus. This is the first time I've heard of an artist doing a PV for a B side single. Maybe the producer realised that they couldn't fit Toda Erika into the Sakura Saku single and they might as well market both songs.

Just can't get enough of Toda Erika!

IMO, I hope Haru Iro starts a new trend of having two girls in a PV instead of the boy meets girl in park/tower/school etc. More eye candy they can squeeze into a five minute PV means guys like me will want to see it more. For Ayaya's next PV, they could have Nacci come over to her room for some 'playstation'. At the very least, Toda Erika should be in every Ohyama Yurika PV from now on.

You can get the mp3s and PVs from jpopmusic here.


hl said...

i've been getting tired of the HEY HEY FRIENDS PV. it's time for something new, and this is it!

Anonymous said...

Erika is not from Okinawa. -_-"
She's from Kobe. Smewhere in Kansai..