Thursday, April 26, 2007

5 reasons to watch Sukeban Deka codename: Asamiya Saki

1) You just want to watch the short hair girl from Melon Kinenbi get blown up. Personally I'd rather watch Shibata Ayumi blowing something else...

That's what you get for taking up precious PV time from Shibata Ayumi!

2) You want to hear Matsuura Aya say 'fuck'.
I can't believe they fired Kago for smoking and sleeping with an older guy while Ayaya gets paid to curse on the big screen.

3) This is probably the last time we'll see Ayaya in a sailor fukuu.

Ok, not the best shot of her in Sailor Fukuu but goddamn we know who's the man in their relationship.

4) Just to see how well Rika can play a villain.

Hhmm, me like Evil Rika. Good thing she didn't use her ultimate weapon in the movie, her ultra high pitched barely tolerable attempts to be kawaii.

5) Ayaya vs Rika + yoyos = turn on.
Personally they should have put Fujimoto Miki in and made it a HP! threesome.

I know where I would be aiming for if I were in Ayaya's position. :)

That said, this movie is horrible. Even if you're a HP fan, this movie is intolerable. The lame attempts at making a story are lame. FFS, this movie is about a girl who fights with a yoyo! Stop with all that stuff about internet chat groups, bomb, bullying etc. All this movie needed was simple villain plot and interesting villains for Ayaya to fight. Still, its slightly better than the abomination that was Morning Cop or Pinch Runner. On second thought, Pinch Runner is still the most tolerable HP movie just cause of the Maki in the rain scene.

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dude! where did you get the subs?

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