Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Segata Sanshiro! Segata Sanshiro! Sega Sataan Shiro!

I was browsing youtube for VF5 vids when for some reason I decided to look up Segata Sanshiro and I couldn't believe that Mognet had actually subbed the music video. For those who don't know, Segata Sanshiro is the single greatest promotional character in the history of video gaming. God, I miss my Sega Saturn. Feel like playing NiGHTS, Virtua Cop and Terra Phantastica, one of the best strategy RPGs ever created. Not to mention Shining Force 3. What happened to the Sega of old? The last great Sega game I played was Yakuza and of course VF5.

So what's so great about this PV? I'll let the screencap speak for themselves. The lyrics are absolutely hilarious!

You can watch it on youtube, download from mognet or get it from the Segata Sanshiro website (a little digging is necesary) including good quality mp3 of the song!

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