Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jodan Ja Nai eps 1+2

Sigh, I was so looking forward to this show. Or maybe I should not have expected a different kind of show. When I read that the show was about Oda Yuji getting married to the daughter of his old flame, I thought that there was no way they could fuck this show up. Plus its goddamn time someone made a show about an older dude and really young chick.

Someone get the casting agent to recast my mom!

Its not that the show sucks that bad. Its just that it turns out to be your typical mother in law from hell show. OMFG, as if jdoramas need any more shows in this genre. See Erai Tokoro Shimatta and countless other MILFH shows. Seriously, its the hardest genre to do right because they're usually not very fun to watch. The only exception to this rule is probably Suekko Chounan Ane Sannin.

There goes his tax returns...

The biggest letdown for me is that Ueno Juri's mom is not hot. Seriously, its not so hard to get MILF actresses in Japan is it? FFS, they could have made had Ueno Juri at 20, maybe make the reason they broke up was that she had the child with another dude then they could easily cast a late 30s actress in the world.

Not even Ueno Juri can save this show.

The mom bores me to tears. I just wanna see the dichotomy between Oda Yuji and Ueno Juri's lives. He's been working for a long time and will be considered middle age and she's still studying. There's lots of fun stuff to be told. Like how they each think how each other situation is more fun, etc.

But no, they had to concentrate the story on the not hot and boring mom. I'd rather they cast Ijima Naoko as the mom instead of side story fodder. The show's in genre limbo. The comedy is not funny and the serious stuff is boring. Probably going to drop this series.


Anonymous said...

I was so looking forward to this too, because I really liked Ueno Juri in Nodame Cantabile. But the mom just pissed me off so much, and I found the first episode to be boring AND frustrating at the same time. I haven't even been bothered to watch the second episode...*sigh* talk about being disappointed...

Jung said...

I didn't like the mother in law at first, but she has grown on me a bit. Yeah she's not hot, and has a nasty haircut, but her character appeals to a big target audience in Japan... married women with older kids.

You take her out, and the only one watching this show would be perverted men like you and me who fantasize about marrying a 20 year old college girls, lmao

But yeah I do agree that they could've taken a totally different angle, rather than doing the mother-in-law routine.

At least they didn't make Oda character in Jodan Ja Nai a homeroom teacher of a class full of students who distrust adults. That would've made this the mother of all cheap-overused ideas. -.,-

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree. I had no idea of the show so as I watch the first episode, I was bored as hell, but decided to give it a chance and watch the whole thing. Then the old flame that happen to be the mother made it interesting. Gave the 2nd episode a chance, but didn't finish it. Looks like it was gonna be a freaky drama, but I dunno. More like you said about mother in law drama. And yes, sorry to say this, and i'm shallow...she's not that very beautiful.

Jung said...

Haha you know who I like the best in this drama? Oda's neighbor's kid.

Even though he has a very few lines, he says the funniest stuff.

1. and we bought this mansion with her insurance money

2. but if you look at her close, she looks over 50.


hl said...

I've dropped this drama after ep2 also. It's not funny, not serious, and not hot. There's simply no reason to watch on.

Anonymous said...

Seems like I'm one of the few still following this show, currently at episode 4.

I don't get all the hate for Ohtake Shinobu just because she's not your typical hot and beautiful Japanese women. Seriously, there's other better stuff to watch if you wanted that.

She may be annoying, unreasonable and freaky but she's really just acting this way to hide her vulnerabilities.

Jung said...

I just watched ep 4, and it has been the weakest episode. And what happened to Ijima? What a waste of a talent.

Unfortunately this is one of the better dramas of this season.

The two dramas I still look forward to watching are Sexy Voice and Robo and Liar Game. They're more original than others. SVR has a great cast and very likeable characters. Both lead characters are pleasure to watch.

Anonymous said...

SVR has a promising start but I dropped it eventually. It tries to be funny and humane but I just can't find myself feeling for or pitying all the 'bad' guys. The female lead is one to watch out for the future though.

Liar Game's pretty exciting but that's just about it for now. Not much acting or character development so far.

Anonymous said...

Just to add on, is anyone watching the second season of Jikou Keisatsu?

One of my favourites this season. The humour is quirky and the cast is great, especially the two leads, who reminds me of the 'Trick' pairing.

Jung said...

^Haha I'm watching J Keisatsu, being a big fan of Odagiri Joe. Asou Kumiko is awesome too.

But I stopped after ep 2, not that it is bad or anything, but I guess the humor is a bit too off the wall or quirky for my taste.

Akiramike said...

Thanks for your thoughts on Joudan Janai. I'm glad I dropped this show.