Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kuitan 2 eps 1+2

Kuitan is back. The gluttonous detective who can has a never ending stomach has returned to solve cases involving food. If you've watched the 1st series, its more of the same. Yes, Momo-chan is back with Igarashi! Just remember not to watch on an empty stomach. I didn't watch the special and they finally revealed the owner of Holmes Agency to be some chinese tycoon who looks like the police chief.

Momo-chan and IGARASHIIIII~~~!

Kuitan is one of those shows that while nothing really stands out, there's nothing much to complain about either. You won't find yourself fast forwarding but neither do I find myself anticipating the next episode. Nevertheless, its still watching how Kuitan will solve the case. Most of the time the ending's pretty obvious. Its the how that makes this show watchable.

Kindaichi and his chick. IMO, this show is kinda lacking in the eye candy factor..

If there's one easy way to improve the show, its that Kuitan needs an arch-enemy to make it more exciting. Kuitan's skill is in his taste buds so perhaps the villain can be a master chef who uses food to provide Kuitan with false clues or something. Then have some backstory of Kuitan discrediting the chef long time ago.

Owner and his sexcreta.. I mean personal assistant. I hope ep 1 is not the last we'll see of those legs.

One thing I noticed is that Kuitan is sorta like Sherlock Holmes in that he is only interested in his 'work' and not in women. And his all you can eat attitude is like Holmes' penchant of opium. Not much to say except watch it you've got time.

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cloudy-b said...

Great review. I missed the first season, so I quickly went through all of them, and am now enjoying the second season. The show needs to bring back more of Kindaichi's elementary school teacher.