Friday, May 04, 2007

Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu eps 5+6

This show continues to deliver. Ep 5 sees the lawyer, Shiho's wife burst into the office, confronting him about his extra-marital affairs. His pussy whipped relationship with his wife is the source of many comedic moments. He usually acts all high and might but becomes a cowering husband in the face of his wife. And the wife uses the excuse of his affair to inflict even more misery on him.

I'd do more than beg just to lie on her thighs :)

Ep 6 is even better. One of Dodoh's colleagues is getting married to Megumi. Yes, the D cup gravure idol turned actress from Pride. Dodoh is asked to be the 'go between' in the marriage and of course he has to put up a front about his own marriage.

I enjoy Sawamura Ikki's role in this show. Too often he's always playing the goody-two-shoes. This time he gets to say what everyone is thinking and say a lot of the funny lines. Yes Tomosaka Rie may have small boobs but she has really beautiful legs, which unfortunately, we don't see in this show. :(

To spice up the story even more, it he discovers that Megumi was an AV actress! All I can say is, she can probably make heaps of yen in the JAV industry if she wanted to. If you've seen her gravure videos, you'll notice that she is very stacked. Its unfortunate that she is always well covered up in her doramas and it somehow seems like a conscious thing to me.

If only such a JAV existed....

I'm enjoying this series more than this seasons show so far. Ishida Yuriko continues to be the weak point. Though its kind of funny how Dodoh's mom forgives her for cheating on him. So far its obvious that they are stalling for the Dodoh - Tamako story but they've come up with interesting stories and topics in the mean time.

Hhmm, I like open minded women...

Instead of the typical sub story running alongside the main story, the writers have elected to do one story per episode while the main story runs in the background. No complaints from me as long as they can think of interesting stories and perspectives.

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James said...

I agree the show is very watchable. I'm on the second last episode - I'm really enjoying watching an episode a night.

The ep where he was in the elevator with the wife and the fashion designer she was seeing and she saw him and the ep ended....i wanted to keep watching but it's nice to have a regime:)

The subtitles are absolute rubbish though, but I've gotten used to working out thesaurus like calculations in my head to try and understand some of the more obtuse references...