Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cheer Dan Episodes 1+2

Its been a long while since the last female sports jdorama and I can't really think of any since Ganbatte Ikimashoi! and Attack No.1. Tsuchiya Tao has cemented her position in the past few years as the go to person to play your average high school girl leads a bunch of underdogs to go against the Fukui powerhouse cheer dance team, Jets.


+ The underdog sports dorama is almost fullproof. We've got this underdog cheer dance team wanting to take on the champs and we've got this traumatised teacher who is afraid to try.

+ I love the Fukui accent! So kawaii!

+ No AKB/SKE whatever idorus who can't act. (as far as I know)

+ Sambomaster is one of my favourite bands ever. I hope this become their second iconic jdorama theme song after Densha.

+ High production dorama and not in the sense of lets waste money so this scene has 500 extras trying to hard to be cool even though it makes no sense. Love the Fukui countryside.


= I'm having flashbacks to Love Live which I only watched for research purposes, which is not a good thing.

= The whole ganbatte and pretty speeches thing could get repetitive by the end.


- Watching actresses who are clearly younger than Tsuchiya Tao play characters who are older than her. i think jdoramas should just cast real teenagers as teenagers.


There is no reason not to give it a try especially with all the eye candy.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of this. I wasn't feeling up to watching the other less-lighthearted shows I have lined up and gave this a chance based on the cast. I wasn't expecting much but was totally won over.

Unknown said...

yeah It al so ok for me and so wired about they age.
What i like the most is how they really dance not just camera acting they practiced really hard.
but overall underdog story it kind of over use if they cant spice this up in middle they will lose ratting for sure.