Sunday, July 22, 2018

Anata ni wa Kaeru Ie ga Aru Episodes 5-11

Finally finished this affair+divorce jdorama after a bit of struggle. There were a couple of times I felt like giving up but in the end it was worth it, but only just. The main problem with this show is Tamaki Hiroshi's character is actually the supporting character although he gets so much screen time.

Reason is, his character is forever the indecisive person who never puts his foot down and never experiences any character growth. His indecisiveness is just there so that characters can put in certain situations but his reaction is always the same. He just pulls the Tamaki Hiroshi bewildered face and tries to run away.

The true main characters of the show are Santamaria Yusuke and Kimura Tae because once you find out about their secret, their actions make a lot more sense and brings a lot more depth to their characters. Tamaki Hiroshi and Nakatani Miki are more like walking cliches to support the main story. In other words, the main actors should have played more of a supporting role.

I don't know if that was the writer's intention or if someone mandated that most of the screen time be given to the bigger names. Anata ni wa Kaeru Ie ga Aru works a lot better when its Nakatani Miki with Santamaria Yusuke or Kimura Tae.

I just feel that there is universe where Anata ni wa Kaeru Ie ga Aru runs for nine episodes, Santamaria Yusuke and Kimura Tae get more screentime and it wins the hamsapsukebe jdorama of the year award. Unfortunately in this reality, it will have to settle with being a watachable jdorama that drags in the middle and makes me want to avoid all Tamaki Hiroshi shows in the future.

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junny said...

I'm surprised you watched this because I avoided it like the plague, even though I'm a Tamaki Hiroshi fan. I dunno why he seems to get stuck with these types of roles lately, it's kinda sad cuz I know he can do better. Sigh.