Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Black Pean Episodes 1-6

Black Pean is a big budget hospital dorama that is a cross between Shiroi Kyoto and Iryu Team Medical Dragon. How do I know its a big budget show? Because the first scene they show is 'look how cool it is when we have 200 hospital staff in a room watching an operation!'

My response to Black Pean is if a hospital can have 200 staff wasting their time, then they must either have no patients or are neglecting their patients. I bloody hate when jdoramas do this huge number of people in a room/hall for no reason at all. What sort of stupid viewer gets impressed with that crap?

Anyway, the only Johnny I like Nino, plays Tokai, a doctor with no teamwork or communication skills. He loves wasting people's time but not telling them about his plan until the end probably hoping people would be impressed and tell him he's so smart.

The truth of the matter is, he is wasting resources as the other doctors could have been using their time to tend to other patients. Plus, he thinks he is so great because he can tie knots really quick and hold a gun with a steady hand. Tokai is just an annoying brat who gets away with everything because his colleagues suck at their jobs. Tokai is not even fit to hold Asada Ryutaro's shoelace.

Speaking of gun, Koizumi Kotaro plays this doctor who is in love with this stupid miracle gun he calls a Snipe. He is like this pharmaceutical company forcing experimental drugs on people so he can write a stupid paper with bullshit results so he can sell this Snipe.

I used to like Koizumi Kotaro but I am starting to realise that he can only act one way and it is getting annoying. Perhaps he was just very lucky to get Namonaki Doku and Petero no Souretsu?

Uchino Masaaki is Dr Saeki, this doctor who loves the world 'impakuto fakuta'. Its like when a kid first learns about swear words and doesn't know how to stop. He is the only decent surgeon besides Tokai and he is in some political vote buying race with another doctor but I don't give a crap.

Truth of the matter is while watching Black Pean, all I can think about was how fucking cool Iryu is versus the very boring operations in Black Pean and how much more interesting Zaizen sensei was as a political character in Shiroi Kyoto.

I tried very hard to like Black Pean. I really did. 6 not so fun episodes is all I can take. At some point I had to push the delete button and admit I'd rather rewatch Iryu for the third time. Meh.


dgundam said...

after seeing the picture of the show with nino, i promptly ignored the show without watching it. im glad i didnt try it . the only show i liked nino in was ryusei no kizuna but that was because kamen rider g3x jun kaname was starring in it and i have a soft spot for him lol.

boy will u hate doctor x lol. theres so many seasons of doctor x and every single episode pretty much has that conference room with the hundreds of doctors. lots of inept doctors and crappy operations....but the show is played campy imo, so its a fun guilty pleasure....although at 5 seasons and a couple sps it has been going down...

praveen said...

Wow, I had the same opinion about this show. At the beginning I felt like, may be they are trying to ship the idea that skills are important rather than tech. (which Iryu 4, although not on par with other seasons, does so much better). But even then, I just couldn't digest the drama they created about a chairman election process.

As someone from an academic job (although not in the medical field), I know that the no. of publications (of course weighted by the impact factor) and patents matter, apart from the no. of PhDs guided and projects taken up (in medical field I guess this should be the number of cases handled), ultimately, it is the recommendations/political influence/voting that decides whether you get to become a director/chairman or whatever. Shiroi Kyoto portrays this quite well.

Also, I found the "politics" of publishing a paper plain ridiculous. Obviously, whoever wrote the script doesn't have a faintest idea about conflict of interests (I am not sure about the novel though). You simply cannot add/delete authors as you wish, and not to mention the declaration about the role of corresponding and co-authors.

Even with uchino masaki, nino, and that guy from kahoko, I couldn't survive 5 episodes of this crap and started binge watching Iryu (for a 3rd time). Too bad, we may not have a season 5.

Sonna~ said...

I couldn't get into this either. I don't think I finished the first episode. It's more showy than Doctor X (which I liked for the campy factor, same as gundam).

Bobo said...

Maybe the most unfortunately titled jdrama ever (or at least it is in English).

Buck said...

Can't be bothered with this show but I've always liked Koizumi and recently I had the feeling that he's quite limited in his acting ability. That being said, I quite enjoyed Keishichou Zero Gakari as a fun, campy guilty pleasure.