Saturday, July 14, 2018

5 reasons why everyone should watch Genkai Danchi Episodes 1-5

I had zero expectations for this show about this grandfather and his granddaughter who move into this old housing complex but by the jdorama gods, the first five episodes have been an incredible ride.

1) This is the first suburban/housing complex housewife dorama I can remember that manages to be creey that didn't feel stupid, albeit with the housewife role being played by a grandfather.

2) I love it when an actor like Sano Shiro who always plays supporting roles get to shine as the main actor. I guess that was what kept me watching Black Revenge until the end.

3)  Sano Shiro's character Terauchi is one of the most fascinating, well written effed up characters in jdorama history. He is so fun to watch that I want to do a spoiler review when its all finished.

4) Its a show about old nostalgic old Japanese values maybe not having a place in today's world.

5) The writing is absolutely golden. I was at the edge of my seat for every episode. Its unpredictable and yet I have a sense the writer Takafumi Kosaka knows what he is doing. A bit of googling reveals that Kosaka has written some of my favourite WOWOW shows including Kageri Yuku Natsu and Umoreru. 


Watch it! Thanks to Monchi for subbing it. 3 more episodes to go. Fingers crossed. You can get the raws from nyaa here.


youngheartsparkfire said...

Adachi Rika is so beautiful, damn

Hisoka said...

I really like your blog. We have similar tastes. Please keep up the good work.

nanimono said...

I think you have to watch Confidence Man ep4 which Sano Shiro appeared as the guest, he was really great there and pwn-ed the other cast, that's the only episode I liked from that dorama lol

Unknown said...

I Enjoyed a lot this Drama-Suspense Thanks a lot

Unknown said...

I watched 1-4 and thought it was terrible compared to Unnatural