Friday, August 04, 2017

2017 Japan Trip 2 Part 4: Rest of the pictures

Main reason for going to Sky Tree was for this real life Macross thing!

I want to hop into the cockpit!!!!

Can't remember where this cat was from.

Shinjuku at night.

Kimi no Na wa posters at Shinjuku Station advertising the release of the blu-ray.

Peter Rabbit exhibition near Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku.

Went for the 4000 yen Unagi. Was it delicious? Yes. Was it worth it? No.

Golden Gai in Shinjuku aka Champion District from Yakuza.

Hirekatsu at Narikura in Takadanobaba.

Look at the succulent meat of the special roast tonkatsu from some special mugi fed pigs.

Mouth watering very high quality pork. Absolutely worth the 3900 yen price. The one hour wait time is ok once in a while.

Angel Heart exhibit in Shinjuku.

Nothing cools you down in the Japanese summer like macha ice-cream.

Can't remember what type of custard this was but I was too full to eat it at the time. :(

My game haul from this trip. Not to mention 20000 yen in PSN cards which I've spent nearly all.

Finally a Berserk poster! Not the best poster but finally I have one!

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