Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Love Shuffle 9+10

Good news is, my biggest fear of the Usa-tan and Kame story dragging down the ending did not happen. Kame was just a plot device to give Ai-ai some screen time. In the end, it was about Usa-tan shedding the remnants of his past life and forging ahead with his new one. The only question was whether Ai-ai would sort out her feelings and join him. If only Abe Hiroshi had a cameo as Usa-tan's campaign manager. Their relationship is the lynchpin of the series and I'm glad the ending was done well.

Bad news is the other endings are pretty lame. The Ojiro and Kairi ending was supposed to be sweet but the fact that he was going to a war zone was really fucking stupid. Who in their freaking right mind would drag Yoshitaka Yuriko to places of violence where the getting blown up is not the worst thing that could happen to her? This is worse than committing suicide together. I'd rather that ending than this. Sure Ojiro can risk his life all he wants but he must surely know the dangers that await Kairi.

Yukichi and Mei's ending is ok. Nothing special. They are the throw-away couple. No one cares even if they decided to go to a war zone. As for Kikuta, part of me is glad that they didn't go darker but part of me feels like his ending is a wrapped up a little too nicely in a bow. I don't hate it, its just indifference. Him holding hands with Reiko at the hospital symbolising their future of raising the child together just felt weird. In a way it is appropriate as the child gives Kikuta and Reiko something to live for. Unlike Usa-tan and Ai-ai who made a conscious decision about their future, Kikuta and Reiko's was more like making something out of the remnants of Rabusha.


Despite my indifference, I can't really think of a better way to end the show. That's because I've grown attached to the characters and the story is inconsequential as long as it is true to the characters. Best show of last season but lacking something in order to make it into my top 10. Still it is one of the most memorable and fun series in a long time. Definitely a must watch.


oi said...

is it a good drama?

Anonymous said...

it is, the story & character development are good.