Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shiroi Haru eps 2+3

Where's your hentai ojisan alarm?

The first episode had me keeping my expectations low. The second episode had me clamouring for the third. The third episode has me now getting the raw so I can see what happens next. The last show that had me watching it raw was KDO. Shiroi Haru is not on KDO's level, at least not on the technical side of the show. The visual problems that I complained about for ep 1 still persist but there are some elements that just make me smile.

Like the scenes of Koji, the baker dragging the heavy stuff back. The first time two schoolgirls giggle as they pass him, and the second time they lol and stomp their feet after passing him by. Its small attention to details like this that make me impressed and I'm pretty sure it due to the script. Its what separates Shiroi Haru from the rest of the crappy doramas whose sole reason of existence is to promote idols.

Sexy lips...

In his feud with Haruo, Koji has become a fleshed out character. He engages in a test of will partly because he feels guilt towards Haruo and oartly because he doesn't like conflict as evidenced in him using money to get Haruo away and his uneasiness in confronting the teacher over Sachi's bullying problems. Yet he is man, who has done the right thing and is always trying to do right by Sachi. He desperately wants to be the father that Sachi deserves but the truth is always haunting him.

Good thing Sachi doesn't look like Haruo.

Watching eps 2 and 3, it is clear that this is not a yakuza dorama. Its a ningen kankei show; a show about how different people relate to each other in different situations. I can't wait to see what the writer has in store for Kanako and Shiori. From the previews for episode 4, it seems like Shiori may have some ties to the main story after all.


Sachi is a delight to watch. Sometimes her smiles seem forced but as a character she has the audience's empathy like when she puts premium on her promises with Haruo. Sachi is Koji's reason for existence and Haruo is finding himself drawn to her as she is his only link to the happiest time in his life. Can't wait to watch episode 4 when the truth about Sachi is finally revealed!

Hhhmm, schoolgirls holding hands...

Ep 3 was subbed by SMP subs and there was an outcry over someone coming in and starting from ep 3 thereby undermining Timelessub's work. It is unfortunately a rule that has been in d-addicts for a long time now and I can understand why it is in place. Jdorama subbing is not as big as anime subbing and it is protect the subber from having their work 'hijacked'. As a leecher however, I was hoping that someone would do softsubs when I heard that Timelessub was doing Shiroi Haru. They take on a lot of jdoramas and Kaze no Garden is still stuck at ep 7. This is where the subs must start at ep 1 rule rears its ugly head as a group may lock up the subbing of a few doramas but not able to sub in a timely fashion.

The best solution would be dinosaurkun doing the rest of the series as a joint project with Timelessub so we can get our Shiroi Haru fix faster.


Anonymous said...

The fourth episode will have you reaching for tissues :-P (Some guys on other boards admitted to choking up while watching ep. 4). With different directors, I thought ep.3 and 4 are much better directed (pacing/editing/camerawork); with far less repetitive flashbacks (unlike the heavy-handedness of the chief director who's also guilty of the same approach in Triangle).

Anonymous said...

Much as I appreciate all the work that TimeLesSubs puts into their releases, I have to say that SMP's translation of Ep 3 was IMO more accurate in places.