Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Yakuza 6, Grandia III and Berserk posters

My 3 posters that I got from yahoo auctions just arrived! I used buyee to bid on them and get them shipped. I used to buy video game posters from Trio in Akihabara and Nakano Broadway but the past year they have stopped selling video game posters. I need to find out where to get video game posters in Japan but I've never come across any other store that sells them.

First off is the Yakuza 6 poster. Love this game. Its a return to form for Ryu ga Gotoku Studio after the disappointing Kiwami. Can't wait for Kiwami 2 and I'll definite get the poster for that!

Second poster is for Grandia III. Its not my the best Grandia game but Grandia series is my favourite and it has the best battle system. Plus, Grandia posters are very rare. There was a not so pretty Grandia 1 poster for sale but it cost an arm and a leg. Speaking of arm and a leg, the bad thing about buyee is that I combined my shipping and they packed my posters into a box that was a lot bigger than it had to be in order to charge me more. It might have been cheaper just to ship my stuff separately. I get that they need to make money from the bidding and shipping but ichiman for 3 posters is way too much.

Last one is a Berserk poster from the official guidebook. I was hoping it would be an A2 size poster instead of an A3. Oh well. I think I'll hang it up at work.

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