Friday, August 25, 2017

Akira to Akira Episodes 1-3


Akira to Akira is a banking jdorama about two people named Akira. You've got rich Akira is the heir to a major corporation who decided to be a banker and poor Akira who's been through hardships in life. Th story about how their try to succeed in their jobs and it flashbacks through their multiple meetings when they were kids.


For one, its a WOWOW show so acting is better than normal. The casting is great. I liked that little story about the supermarket fight in Sendai. I wouldn't mind seeing a jdorama about supermarket wars.


In the beginning, Poor Akira says that he would assess all loan according to their merits. He then gets put in charge of this factory which is barely surviving and the owner has a little girl who needs a heart transplant. (boohoo)

The fact of the matter is, the factory has a slim chance of being able to repay a loan so that's why Poor Akira's boss did not want to issue a new loan. Not only that, stupid Poor Akira helps this factory worker run away without paying his debt?

Just because someone has a sob story doesn't mean they are entitled to escape from their debts and liabilities.


Akira to Akira is decent but after 3 episodes it has yet to show me something to get me hooked. Watchable. Fingers crossed it gets better.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out "Plage (プラージュ)" yet? It's a WoWoW drama about people with criminal records trying to integrate back into society.

Akiramike said...

@Anon : Thanks! Will check it out next!

akapiryu said...

The last 2 episodes are awesome. Probably the best drama this season, for me.

Akiramike said...

@akapiryu I'll get around to finishing it one day.

Buck said...

Any Jun Ikeido show that doesn't make you cringe because of sop stories, aside from Flyring Tire? I run away as far as I can whenever I see that name.

Akiramike said...

@Buck I love Nanatsu no Kaigi and Tetsu no Hone besides Soratobu of course.