Monday, September 14, 2015

Tamiou Ep 1-6

Tamiou or king of the people is a body swap dorama about the Prime Minister of Japan swapping bodies with his useless son.

I was basically watching this for Endo Kenichi, Motokariya Yuika and Takahashi Issei. (Gonzo reunion!)

Tamiou is surprisingly watchable due to the fact that Endo Kenichi gets a lot of screen time with his useless son. (or is it the other way around)

Body swap doramas usually have both characters operating in their separate stories so more Endo Kenichi the better and its got the mystery of who is responsible for the body swap. Not to mention the reveal in episode 3.

While Tamiou's got a lot of funny moments, its got a lot of scenes where I just skip like the foreign minister and the bloody kids. I don't have many complaints about Tamiou but I just don't feel compel to watch any further episodes. (Or maybe I'm just thinking too much about Metal Gear Solid everyday and it would take a really good show to get my attention.)


junny said...

Hm, this was the only summer dorama I was kinda interested in, since it's got Endo Kenichi and body swaps are usually fun. I was waiting for it to finish airing before I started. I guess you won't be finishing it?

dgundam said...

so how goes metal gear solid 5 for u? ive been playing it nonstop. very good gameplay but mediocre story. was used to the mission structure thanks to peacewalker, but even i thought the story with skullface and the vocal chord parasites was just plain boring.
for amount of time spent playing for the cost of the game its very worth it especially compared to how short the other games were, i think ive already clocked in at 50+ hours and im just at mission 40, although i did finish the bulk of side ops already.
plus ill find myself looking forward to mgo3 on october.

Akiramike said...

junny: I've got a huge backlog of stuff atm so its not in my priority list.

dgundam: I'm at 94 hours at 53% atm. I should just do the yellow missions so I can get back to doramas and movies but even the side missions are so much fun. I actually like the parasites story (its the new nanomachines)and it raises some interesting ideas.

dgundam said...

just finished all the main missions except for quiets last mission since i dont want to lose her and i also havent done mission 50 the extreme sahelantropus mission since after getting all the true ending i saw no point in fighting sahelantropus again till i finish upgrading d walker and the helicopter to max, but at the moment most of my gmp is going to unlocking weapons, upgrading my fobs and gathering enough for a nuke.
i wanna invade someones fob to try it out but i dont wanna be mean and steal staff and resources. looking to target someone with low security and small fob with a nuke.

ya i realize what they were doing with the parasites as a substitue for nanomachines since it was set in the 80s, but the revenge story against skull face wasnt really that great and i didnt get the feeling of epicness in this game compared to mgs 4. or the coolness of mgs3. the skulls were prettty boring enemies.
i actually liked the true ending since its just like what kojima did with mgs2 so its not something out there.

too bad they cut mission 51 with eli and pysho mantis and sahelanthropus. make sure to watch it on youtube.

Sonna~ said...

I tried this one and couldn't get into it, but maybe I could if I skip it. I ended up getting busy with work again, so I'm SUPER picky with jdramas now.

Kathy Bungard said...

I was really enjoying this one but it has been some time since an episode was subbed so I'm nervous that they won't complete subbing the episodes - I hate when that happens.

dgundam said...

hey mike, just started watching this show, and its very watchable. liking it it very much. i should have listened to your recommendation earlier. plus its got endo, motokiriya and even jiyoung. u should try watching the last 2 episodes already since they have it subbed.

Akiramike said...

I'll give the rest of the episodes a shot when I have time.