Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10 Reasons to Watch the Ano Hana jdorama special

1. They got the right actor for Jin-tan.

2. Menma is too kawaii.

3. Menma is too kawaii.

4. Menma is too kawaii.

5. Menma is too kawaii.

6. Menma is too kawaii. (Help! I can't type anything else!)

7. Menma is too kawaii.

8. Menma is too.... wait, is that the Fukada Kyoko stupid look?

9. I could look at Menma all day.

10. Anaru! (No way I could forget her!)

Ano Hana is crying porn but very watchable for me for obvious reasons. I love that they retained the music from the anime. What I didn't like was having separate confession scenes for each character about their Menma guilt which was super repetitive. I can't remember how it went in the anime but the writer should have combined some of the confessions together. Either that or they were padding the time. I think the dorama special lacked more Menma hijinks.

After suffering through the Attack on Titan and Assasination Classroom movies, its nice to see a decent anime translation. Very watchable and bring some tissues.

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