Sunday, September 20, 2015

Solomon's Perjury : Suspicion & Judgement

Solomon's Perjury is a 2 part movie about a schoolboy who's death was declared a suicide but an anonymous note was sent to multiple parties claiming that the the boy was killed.  First off, this is one very slow movie, especially episode 2 which clocks at 2 and a half hours.

Secondly, the mystery kind of sucks, especially when final witness is revealed and I'm thinking why the fuck didn't this person just tell the cops in the beginning and save us all the trouble? There is actually a reason why but I didn't really care. Solomon's Perjury is less murder mystery and more about how people react to problems in a school from the principal played by Kita Yoshio trying to do what's right while under immense pressure to the media that is too quick in jumping to conclusions.

Ultimately, its not very interesting and would have worked better as a 4 episode WOWOW dorama instead. The one show that kept coming to my mind when watching was Suzuki sensei, especially with how the acting in Suzuki sensei is so much better.

Solomon's Perjury is a boring mystery 2 parter that with an equally boring social commentary side. The court case in the end just put me to sleep with the constant apologising. Its not crap and I admire the effort but its not worth anyone's time. Avoid. Watch Suzuki sensei instead.

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Unknown said...

i look like good movie but after watch i just feel empty no impact at all
so bad they waste all good actor/actress but all kid just so uninteresting and story it self just soso.