Sunday, September 27, 2015

Assasination Classroom

I've never seen the anime. I only know its quite popular. Its basically GTO with Onizuka being an alien with tentacles and the students are tasked with killing their alien teacher who is threatening to destroy the world. Try not to think to hard about the plot, its basically your unusual teacher teaching life lessons to misunderstood students. On a side note, I think that tentacled aliens should stick to what they do normally do best in anime.

Assassination classroom feels like its trying to cram way too many episodes into one movie and I had problems staying awake as they kept introducing one character after another from a robot girl to Parasyte rip-off hair fighting student. All I kept thinking was, why the hell should I even care about these ever increasing number of characters?

Assassination Classroom is super boring and didn't even make me laugh once. The students are supposed to be underdogs but the movie just lacked pathos for me. Avoid.

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