Friday, September 11, 2015

Stand by Me Doraemon

While I did grow up on a bit of Doraemon, it was something that I didn't get. All I knew was the theme song, that it had wacky gadgets and Shizuka's pantsu were white. While Doraemon was a property that I had a bit of familiarity to, I had to attachment to it and went in without any expectations.

Doraemon is very similar to Dokonjo Gaeru; lazy protagonist with weird sidekick teaching kids and adults that there aren't any shortcuts in life. The lesson is repeated multiple times throughout the short stories that make up Stand by Me.and the stories have a tendency to try to pull on emotional heart strings very hard.

My main problem is with the ending where everything resets to status quo where Nobita and Doraemon will once again go through the same pattern of story. Just when you think that Nobita has finally outgrown Doraemon and matured, he's back to his old self. Just like Dokonjo Gaeru, Nobita will always continue to learn that there are no shortcuts but will never improve because that would mean that it has to end.

Stand by My is a fun introduction to Doraemon but I don't want to see any more and it should have ended with Doraemon leaving.


Bossu said...

Doraemon should never leave and Nobita should never matured in any way and Doraemon should never end. Who cares about developments or life lesson I would watch other shows to get any but now I only care about my childhood's treasure, lol. Anyway, you did watch the rest of Shi no Zouki?

Akiramike said...

Bossu: Yes, I did finish Shi no Zouki. I see what the story went for but I don't think it came close.