Thursday, October 02, 2014

Yamikin Ushijima-kun the movie

I liked the first season, the second season was boring and this is the movie that bridges the two seasons. Ushijima the series was never really about the main character, who is more a force of nature. Its about the characters that inhabit this dark world and in this case its Hayashi Kento (Arakawa Under the Bridge) how is the manager of a dancing group trying to stage a huge dance part and Oshima Yuko who plays the daughter of a prostitute who owes Ushijima money.

As with season 2, my main complaint is Katase Nana is not there to provide the viewer perspective between the force of nature Ushijima and his clients who are not likable and Hayashi Kento's three mobile phone wielding manager is certainly very unlikeable and he does a great job at it. Katase Nana does make a cameo and her character gets to say goodbye but her appearance just reinforces how her being the main character in season 1 made it so fun for me.

Oshima Yuko's role feels like a movie audition featuring her making doe eyes. It doesn't help that she doesn't do anything dirty as to not tarnish her idol image. The Nikumamushi story is shoehorned in as to give someone for Ushijima to fight against, which I didn't mind but they did a better job of it in season 2.

Its not all bad though. I liked loli entrapment story and Ushijima versus the police. In the end, it was forgettable and can't compare with the first season. Since they made a second movie, the first movie and second season must appealed to a lot of people but I just don't get it cause what I enjoyed in the first season like the comedy isn't there anymore.

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