Saturday, October 11, 2014

The rest of the summer 2014 jdoramas roundup

Good news is my favourite show of the summer, Petero no Souretsu is being subbed by subie06. Highly recommended and better than Namonaki Doku. The only show I want to try out that I haven't is Zainin no Uso.


This was supposed to be the summer of Ozaki Masaya and Yoshiwara got off to a good start, giving me Yamada Yoji vibes bu it had warning signs and ultimately became a mediocre show. Part of the problem is that its way too kid friendly so it can't all be on Ozaki Masaya's shoulders.


WTF did it take until episode 4 for the audience to finally get details of the alleged crimes? The answer is the writer is less concerned with making this an exciting legal dorama and more concerned with setting things up to create false suspense trying to keep the audience in the dark about the true nature of Hirosue Ryoko's character. The writing just doesn't work for me.


Ueto Aya is married to a loser and somehow the audience is supposed to feel sorry for her. Kichise Michiko is living many women's dream life and has fun in the afternoon. I really like Kichise Michiko's philandering housewife who starts to corrupt her innocent friend. Hirugao is at its best when its playful, not when it succumbs to angst and karmic guilt cause the characters and the acting never feel genuine.


Why did the last three episodes have to be the most run of the mill ones of the series? Ok, the Mitani Koki one is not exactly run of the mill but I didn't find it amusing in the least. Is it more of a case I had already watched 7 father stories that I was bound to get tired of it in the end? If I had seen the shows in reverse order would I saying how great the Yoshikazu Okada and Sakamoto Yuji episodes were? I think so. It was great to see Natsukawa Yui and Uchino Masaaki on the screen together. I had forgotten how good her acting was.


C said...

I just finished watching seijo and boy, did the show go off the rails by the end. Utterly ridiculous, but I found it oddly compelling. I found all the characters annoying, and the show got a bit preachy but Hirosue Ryoko was clearly having fun with her character. I loved her

I need to get around to finishing Hirugao probably, but the few episodes I watched weren't that great. I agree it was best when it was playful, but the more serious moments never really worked. I can't believe they are trying to pass Ueto Aya off as a downtrodden house wife - she is so beautiful!

Antspace said...

I agree with C. Seijo was indeed compelling becase of Hirosues acting and the very end was weird : P
I wouldn't recommend finishing Hirugao though. I liked the suspense in the beginning, and thought that Ueto Aya did quite well. I usually don't like Kichise Michiko, but she was well cast here. Alas it really fell apart in the second half and became unwatchable in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Yep, the last three eps of Oyaji no Senaka were totally corny (especially eps 8 & 10). Thanks to ep 8, I have a new most-hated "comedy guy" actor - Oizumi Yo. I almost thought I was watching that fool from SMAP (Inagaki Goro), I was so turned off. The first seven eps were primo entertainment, though.
I'd like to suggest "55 sai kara no Hello Life" without reservation. Quality throughout, with zero cheap sentiment. The final ep is absolutely unforgettable - it carries an emotional impact that will stay with you for a long time. The Japanese subs are easy to follow, I'm sure you would have no difficulty understanding. (This is the first good dorama I've watched without having a dictionary close at hand).

Akiramike said...

Rootabegaz: Where did you get the retimed jb subs for Hello Life? Doesn't look as if its been retimed at d-addicts.

Akiramike said...

Nvm, its very easy to retime.