Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nobunaga Concerto Eps 1+2

I've previously said that its pretty hard to fuck up a time slip story. Well, I'll like to add an addendum to that which is ; except in the case of the main character spending his time preaching idealistic morality in time of war. Add to that, we have a story that tries way too hard to add so many touching moments ala beautiful rain that it seems so contrived.

I have no idea whether the manga is like that or its a matter of the writer wanting to appeal to the broader jdorama fanbase. When a show has too much action and no story, the audience is numb. When a dorama has too many 'beautiful heartfelt speeches' with soaring music and misty eyes, I'm just wondering what sort of audience would fall for it.

Oguri Shun is once again playing a high school kid though its been so many years since a played Noboru in GTO. I'd rather have him playing the main than a johnny though. I actually don't mind Shibasaki Kou as the tsundere wife. Kaho is unfortunately relegated to plot device friend/servant for Shibasaki Kou.

The appeal of Nobunaga Concerto is that Oguri Shun at the end of episode two will know what is going to happen and I want to see whether he can change history. The show also introduces characters who are going to be major players like Yamikin Ushijima-kun.

However, my expectations for the rest of Nobunaga Concerto are really low after Oguri Shun going from 'I'm not going to kill anyone and will anyone think of the families' to 'I'm going to sacrifice my clan in a suicidal attempt to save my father in law'. Hopefully when Ushijima-kun becomes Oguri Shun's adviser, we can finally get to treaty making and backstabbing. Meh jdorama that makes me want to rewatch Jin instead.


Inspired by Jung, I decided to do some googling or in this case yahoo.jping and found out exactly where the shop that inspired the dorama is in Golden Gai! There is also going to be a Shinya Shokudo movie coming out in January!

Edit: Oops. I got it from this link and in my excitement didn't notice the question was actually about a shop that was similar to Shinya Shokudo, not the actual shop. Thanks to Jung for pointing the obvious.

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Jung said...

*cough* The article talks about Ashiato restaurant, but that's not the place that inspired the manga, or where Abe frequents.

I'll need to dig some more to find the real mccoy.